How Electric Heating Can Help Modular Buildings

Last updated: June 2023

Efficient, practical and effective, electric heating is a great alternative to traditional heating systems and the perfect contemporary heating solution for modular buildings. Here at Electric Radiators Direct we have a range of options for heating modular buildings such as infrared panels and electric radiators, both of which are beneficial for a multitude of reasons. For those unfamiliar with these types of heaters, we’re going to delve into the world of electric and explore the advantages of electric heating for modular buildings.

What are modular buildings?

Modular buildings are becoming an increasingly common sight in the UK. Also known as prefabricated or ‘prefab’ buildings, they’re often a great solution for houses, schools and office spaces. Modular buildings are constructed out of modules that are made off-site in factories before being transported to the desired location for assembling. The benefit of this is that the manufacturing takes place in a covered environment avoiding disruption from any harsh weather conditions. The appeal of modular buildings stems from their efficiency, cost-effectiveness and innovative design which is why countries such as Japan, Germany and Sweden are currently embracing modular construction. Now the UK is getting involved by looking to modular buildings as a way to help with the housing crisis, but there’s a lot to think about when assembling modular buildings, including heating options. 

Why choose electric heating for modular buildings?

In many ways electric heating is the ideal solution for most properties but this is especially true for modular buildings. Here’s why:

Modular wiring makes fitting electric heating even quicker

Modular buildings replace traditional wiring with modular wiring systems that are easy to install and are especially popular for commercial properties. This wiring has prefabricated components that simply need to be attached to one another in order to produce a plug-in-and-go system. This makes connecting appliances such as electric heaters an even simpler process, as the whole system can be set up in a fraction of the time. Instead of going through extensive hardwiring, modular wiring is a quick and effective solution for delivering electricity throughout a building and suits the installation of electric heating perfectly.

It’s much easier to install in multi-storey properties

In multi-storey buildings, the installation of a traditional central heating system can prove to be harder and more time-consuming because of the sheer scale of pipework involved. Electric heating avoids this entirely because of its modularity and versatility. Developers are free to place electric heating systems wherever they’re needed to cater to both the needs of the project and the end user. They’re also much easier to fit, keeping labour costs and timescales to a minimum.

It can be paired with green energy for zero carbon heating

A crucial part of constructing modular buildings is to ensure they are energy efficient, which is why features such as solar panels and wind turbines are often included in their design. This makes electric heating the perfect partner for modular buildings as it can be paired with renewables, ultimately creating an entirely eco-friendly heating system.

It’s low maintenance and has no risk of carbon monoxide

As an added benefit, the maintenance of electric heaters is far lower compared to a gas system. There’s no need for annual callouts and no risk of carbon monoxide, so no matter whether it’s a modular building designed for commercial or domestic use, electric heating offers that extra level of convenience and safety.

The best electric heating for modular buildings

With so many options, it can be hard to find the right type of electric heating for your project. Well, we’re taking a look at two of the best electric heating options that make the ideal fit for modular buildings.

Infrared panels

Infrared panels are the ideal solution for modular buildings. With such long lifespans and robust warranties, you can rely on an infrared panel for much longer than any other electric heating solution, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them after a few years. Infrared panels are great for a range of spaces as they supply gentle warmth through radiation, heating objects and people directly. That warmth won’t get lost to any open doors or windows and will instead re-radiate back into the room for efficient, eco-friendly heating.

The great thing about infrared panels is that they’re slimline and discreet, so they’ll seamlessly blend in well with the modern, minimalist design of modular buildings. When paired with a thermostat, they offer a wide range of control options and can be programmed to work according to a schedule, providing state-of-the-art heat management that pairs up perfectly with the modern prefabricated home.

We recommend:

Ecostrad Accent IR

Herschel Select XLS Mirror

Ecostrad Opus iQ

In this video, we cover all the necessary considerations you’ll need to make before purchasing an infrared panel heater. From installation, to control, to how exactly infrared works - we’ve got you covered. 

Electric radiators

Equally, electric radiators are also an exceptional heating system and provide a comfortable mix of convection and radiant heat in the same way as a central heating equivalent. They offer quality, reliability and effective warmth as well as a variety of styles to fit in with any interior. With advanced programming, easy installation and a range of sizes for every room, electric radiators are beneficial for domestic and commercial modular properties.

Some also offer WiFi control capability which allows them to be managed via a smartphone or tablet, even if the heaters are located across multiple properties – a superb feature for commercial modular buildings. With features such as open window detection and adaptive start built in, modern electric radiators are intuitive, adaptable and energy efficient.

We recommend:

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

Haverland RC Wave

Ecostrad Ascoli iQ

With so many models on the market, deciding on the perfect electric radiator may leave you feeling spoilt for choice. Our buying guide is here to make the process as pain-free as possible, answering all those common questions in one go.

Heat modular buildings with electric

With so many options in the electric heating world, there’s a solution for every space, including modular buildings. So, whether you choose infrared panels or electric radiators, be sure to browse our ranges to find the right electric heater for your project.

Key learnings

  • The appeal of modular buildings stems from their efficiency, cost-effectiveness and innovative design – and it’s recommended to choose electric to heat them.
  • Modular wiring systems allow for quick and effective heating via electricity and are free to place them wherever they like due to the modular nature of electric.
  • Electric heating can be paired with renewable energy sources and is very low maintenance, adding to the efficiency and innovation of modular buildings.
  • Electric radiators and infrared panels make the perfect choice since they’re so efficient and many are compatible with WiFi control.