Infrared Panel Buying Guide

Infrared panels offer a modern way to heat your home

but choosing the right one for you doesn’t have to be confusing. Let our infrared panel buying guide walk you through everything you need to know - from safety and efficiency, to style and installation - we’ve got you covered.

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What are infrared panels?

Infrared panels are ultra-slim electric heaters that work by converting electricity into radiant warmth. This type of heat travels in a wave, warming people and objects directly. It does not manipulate the air, as convection does, making it a particularly healthy heating method that doesn’t aggravate allergies, alongside effortlessly preventing mould and mildew. Easily installed and completely silent in operation, infrared panels offer stylish and unobtrusive heating that’s robust enough for a whole home, or for supplemental warmth in specific concentrated areas.

What are the different types of infrared heat?

Near infrared

With the shortest wavelength, near infrared is incredibly responsive, providing robust warmth in an instant, making it ideal for a short-term boost of comfort. It particularly suits exposed outdoor areas such as gardens and patios.

Mediumwave infrared

A great all-rounder, mediumwave infrared combines durability with quick heat-up times, supplying comforting warmth to a variety of spaces. This type of infrared is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Far infrared

Heating steadily and evenly across indoor spaces, far infrared is the gentlest form of radiant heat. It sinks deep into surfaces, providing stable and soothing warmth that lasts. All infrared panels sold on Electric Radiators Direct use far infrared technology.

How are infrared panels controlled?

Remote controlled

Remote controlled infrared panels give access to the heater from afar, but only when in radius of the unit itself. It often offers greater programming than basic manual control, but also allows for point-and-press adjustment for ultimate convenience.


WiFi controlled

WiFi offers the most advanced level of control. Some infrared panels have WiFi integrated whereas others need to be paired with an external hub, but they both work in the same way. Simply download a compatible app onto your smart device to access an extensive range of energy-saving features and manage your heating even when you’re on the go.  

Infrared panels explained...

What are the running costs of infrared panels?

Whilst there’s never a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, overall, infrared heaters are incredibly cost-effective. As they heat surfaces directly, their warmth isn’t lost to the air, minimising waste and running costs. If you’re debating getting underfloor heating in your home, infrared panels have the added benefit of warming your floors - great news for your running costs!

The general formula for working out the daily running cost of a standard infrared panel is below, but it’s worth bearing in mind that this does not factor in your energy tariff and the wealth of energy-saving features available with certain models.

How efficient are infrared panels?


At point of use, infrared panels are 100% efficient, as they convert every watt of energy taken from the wall into usable heat. When paired with renewables, such as a green energy tariff and wind or solar energy, infrared warmth provides one of the greenest solutions to heating your home - a completely efficient method from start to finish.

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Are infrared panels easy to install?

Infrared panels are very simple to install. There’s no extension of pipes required, and many come with plug-and-go fitting, so they can be installed DIY at home. If you prefer a wireless aesthetic, or you’re putting one in a bathroom, we always recommend having your panel professionally installed by a qualified electrician - a quick job that won’t eat into your day.


Is infrared heat safe?

We know ‘radiation’ can sound a little worrying, but infrared heat is entirely safe. So much so, it’s even used to keep babies toasty whilst in incubation units! Our bodies are constantly emitting and absorbing infrared warmth. It’s what’s at work when you feel warmer once the sun comes out from behind a cloud (minus the UV rays), or the warmth you feel from a good hug - it’s soothing, natural, and is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, there are numerous health benefits associated with infrared heat - it’s a natural mould preventer and won’t aggravate allergies like convection can. Win-win!

What different types of infrared panels are there?

Powder coated

Crisp and stylish, our powder coated panels come in both black and white, allowing them to either blend in seamlessly or contrast boldly with your existing design scheme.


Concealed with a handy reflective surface, these dual-function panel heaters are the perfect addition to your bathroom or living space, with the neat bonus of remaining steam-free.


These glossy panels add a note of luxury to any space, their sleek surface reflecting light and making rooms look larger and more open.

Where can I install an infrared panel?


Wall-mounting your infrared heater keeps it in a secure, permanent position. Use your heater to create an interesting focal point resembling a piece of modern art, or let it blend in with existing decor - it’s up to you!

Ceiling mounted

Installing an infrared panel onto a ceiling puts your heating out of eyeline, for a minimalist aesthetic that lets other decor do the talking. Heat output is unaffected, and our range of remote and WiFi controls mean your heater’s functionality is kept totally within reach.


We stock infrared panels compatible with footstands, for stable, freestanding installation that’s easy to manoeuvre to exactly where you need the warmth. Perfect if you require spot-heating that effortlessly repels draughts.

Can I install an infrared panel in a bathroom?

A great benefit of infrared panels is their versatility, and most can be installed in bathrooms. It’s not a given, so be sure to check that your panel has at least an IP44 ingress protection rating beforehand, but there are plenty of bathroom-ready units on our website. We even stock reflective panels that act as both a handy mirror and a built-in heating solution, with the bonus of remaining steam-free regardless of how hot you like your showers.

How do I take care of my infrared panel?

Infrared panels can last a lifetime and require no routine maintenance. As there’s no combustion of carbon with infrared panels, the only upkeep they require is a quick clean with a soft, dry cloth semi-regularly to keep the unit dust-free.

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