Electric Towel Rails Buying Guide

Every home deserves a superior electric towel rail.

That’s why we’ve compiled this in-depth buying guide, to help you make the best possible choice for your property. Covering everything from sizes to styles, this convenient online booklet gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision, so you can get the most out of your bathroom heating.

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What are Electric Towel Rails?

Electric towel rails are dual-purpose heaters that warm your entire bathroom whilst conveniently keeping your towels toasty. These sophisticated solutions can be controlled separately from your existing heating system, so you don’t have to heat your entire home whenever your bathroom needs warmth – ideal for saving energy. From simple manual adjustment to smart WiFi control, you can also select from a range of control options that best match your heat management preferences, for ultimate versatility. Complete with contemporary designs and striking finishes, modern electric towel rails make elegant additions to any bathroom aesthetic.

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What are the different types of electric towel rails?

Thermal fluid (oil-filled)

Providing comfortable warmth, these electric towel rails are built with specially formulated thermal fluid that is incredibly heat-retentive, promoting energy-efficient bathroom heating. Once the towel rail is switched on, the liquid heats up and spreads across the body of the heater, ensuring an even distribution of warmth in your bathroom. Quick to warm up and slow to cool down, the heat produced from these towel rails can be felt long after the heater has stopped drawing power from the wall. Complete with a slender ladder design, it’s no wonder that oil-free bathroom radiators are a popular choice for many.

Best suited for: Small, medium and large sized bathrooms.

Dry thermal (oil-free)

For fast-acting bathroom heating, dry thermal towel rails make an excellent choice. They work by using a stretch of conductive wire – this wire warms up and emits radiant heat across the front surface of the towel rail. As a result, the heater warms anything that’s in front of it, e.g., your towels. Thanks to their robust radiant warmth, the heat they produce is long-lasting, so you won’t need to use as much energy to maintain comfort levels.

Best suited for:  Those looking for an exceptional towel-drying solution. 


Electric towel rails explained... 

What are the running costs of electric towel rails?

Whilst there isn’t a one-sized fits all measurement, here is the most common equation used to estimate the running costs of electric towel rails:

It’s worth bearing in mind that an accurate running cost is difficult to achieve, mainly because the end figure doesn’t take other factors into account. For example, the formula above doesn’t consider your specific tariff or the energy-saving capabilities of the towel rail itself. Whilst there is no harm in estimating these costs, we’d definitely recommend learning more about how electric towel rails optimise efficiency and help you save money in the long-run.

How efficient are electric towel rails?

Electric towel rails are 100% efficient at point of use, converting every watt of energy drawn from the plug socket into usable heat. This means that absolutely nothing is wasted, so you can rest assured that every penny put toward your energy bill is being used to warm your bathroom.


When paired with a renewable energy source such solar panels or a green energy provider, these heaters become completely efficient from start to finish, for total carbon neutrality.


From 24/7 programming to on-the-go app control, most electric towel rails come with a whole host of energy-saving features that are designed to boost efficiency and ease steep running costs.

How to choose the right size towel rail for your space?

You’ll find when browsing our selection that one style of towel rail might come in up to four different sizes. This is so you can find the perfect size for your space. After all, you don’t want to risk underheating your bathroom with a towel rail that’s two sizes too small.

To make the choice easier, we’ve removed the need for guesswork with our super handy Electric Radiator Calculator. All you need to do is answer a few quick questions about your property and the calculator will tell you the minimum total watts required. Alternatively, you can simply check the minimum and maximum heats up to areas listed under the products specification tab on each product page.

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Are electric towel rails easy to install?

With electric towel rails, you don’t need to extend your pipes or have a boiler fitted – in fact, this heating solution requires minimal effort when it comes to installation. Whilst these heaters aren’t DIY-friendly, hardwiring is a quick, simple job for any qualified electrician, so lengthy callouts and costly fees can be easily avoided. Electric towel rails also come with a zero-maintenance guarantee, so you won’t need to waste time and money on annual safety checks – hassle-free heating at its finest.


Towel Rail Control Options Explained

Basic, Thermostatic and WiFi Control Options


Keep it simple with our basic electric towel rails. These towel rails need to be hardwired into a fused spur – an easy task for a professional. Once complete, these heaters will provide easy on/off control, promising straightforward bathroom heat management with absolutely no fuss.

Pssst! We’d recommend the Fina E.


Thermostatic towel rails offer an enhanced level of control compared to basic models. Intuitive thermostats accurately read and regulate room temperature to ensure your bathroom is never under/overheated. You can adjust heat levels, set a timer and easily view the current temperature via an LED screen, for ultimate accessibility.

Spotlighted product – the popular Cube thermostatic.


Advanced, sophisticated and user-friendly – meet our superior range of smart electric towel rails. Bathroom heaters that can connect to WiFi let you manage warmth via the Ecostrad Ecosystem app on your smartphone, so you’re always in control of your heating, even when you’re away from home. Energy-saving features like 24/7 programming let you schedule warmth to perfection, so you’re never in danger of wasting energy heating an unused space.

You can’t go wrong with the attractive Scala iQ.

Traditional vs contemporary electric towel rails


Traditional electric towel rails are often typified by a simple ladder design and a standard chrome finish – the perfect complement to a conventional bathroom design scheme.


Looking for modern flare? Look no further than contemporary electric towel rails. Usually sporting a scene-stealing finish and head-turning design, these unique heaters are sure to serve as a stunning statement piece in any interior.

Curved vs straight electric towel rails


A curved electric towel rail is defined by its soft, elegant appearance – ideal for more traditional design schemes.


Rigid, linear and, you guessed it, straight – these clean-cut towel rails fit neatly into minimalist, stripped-back interiors.

Choosing the right finish


A match made in heaven – electric towel rails and chrome is a pairing that has truly stood the test of time. Integrating seamlessly into bathrooms that already feature stainless-steel elements, chrome towel rails allow for effortless colour coordination.


If you’re looking for a crisp feel, a neutral white finish ticks all the boxes. Pair with darker shades to create a killer focal point, or match with a light colour scheme for cool subtlety.


Make a statement with striking anthracite. Whether you contrast it with neutral backgrounds or use the heater to add texture to muted tones, this colour is a contemporary antidote to classic chrome.

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