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Ecostrad iQ Ceramic WiFi Controlled Electric Radiators

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The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic makes no compromises. With this ground-breaking electric radiator, Ecostrad has introduced a product that combines our customer’s most-asked-for features into one sleek package. With CeramiQ heat lock technology, warmth is retained for longer so you can keep rooms warm using less energy. The iQ Ceramic’s large, touchscreen display allows for easy manual adjustment, and for effortless smart-home integration, take advantage of it’s in-built WiFi connectivity, voice and motion control. Our valued customers told us what they wanted and the iQ Ceramic was born. With over 70,000 sold nationwide, it’s the gold standard of smart electric heating.

Options & Sizes

Model: iQ-C-05
Wattage: 500W
Heats up to: 5.5m²
425mm x 567mm x 80mm
Was €279.99
Now €251.99 inc VAT
Model: iQ-C-10
Wattage: 1000W
Heats up to: 11m²
525mm x 567mm x 80mm
Was €399.99
Now €359.99 inc VAT
Model: iQ-C-15
Wattage: 1500W
Heats up to: 18m²
625mm x 567mm x 80mm
Was €479.99
Now €431.99 inc VAT
Model: iQ-C-18
Wattage: 1800W
Heats up to: 22m²
725mm x 567mm x 80mm
Was €549.99
Now €494.99 inc VAT
Model: iQ-C-20
Wattage: 2000W
Heats up to: 24.5m²
825mm x 567mm x 80mm
Was €599.99
Now €539.99 inc VAT
As Seen on TV
As Seen on TV
Ecostrad bestseller
Customer favourite
WiFi App Control
WiFi App Control
Manage your heat your way
DIY Installation
DIY Installation
Easy plug & go fitting
Voice Control
Voice Control
Alexa & Google Home compatible
10 Year Warranty*
10 Year Warranty*
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Ecostrad iQ Ceramic radiators are built for maximum efficiency with their heat-retentive stone plates and WiFi control system. Coupled with a minimalist design with a discreetly recessed control panel, they’re the optimum choice for heating modern interiors and can be programmed to fit around any routine or lifestyle.

Intelligent heating control

The iQ Ceramic is a smart electric radiator that gives you 3 different ways to control your heating. You can program it manually using its sleek touchscreen control panel, take advantage of its WiFi connectivity by using the app or a smart speaker, or even switch it to sensor mode so that it only heats when it detects movement in the room. It’s versatile heating that can be as simple or as in-depth as you like. The iQ Ceramic is compatible with the Ecostrad Ecosystem app which allows you to program your heaters using an intuitive, user-friendly interface. No additional accessories are needed to access WiFi control, all you need to do is connect the iQ Ceramic to your home router then pair it to the app for effortless heat management.

Outstanding efficiency

The CeramiQ heat lock technology inside this electric radiator is what makes it so energy efficient. All of the heat it generates is absorbed deep into the heat-retentive ceramic plates, allowing the radiator to stay warm over longer periods so it uses less energy. These plates heat up quickly but are slow to cool so they continue to emit warmth long after the heater stops drawing power from the wall. This increased heat retention is also complemented by its aluminium body, which is more conductive than steel and allows heat to effectively and quickly diffuse into the room. The whole system is safeguarded by a thermal limiter at the top of the radiator which monitors the core temperature and will cut power to the unit if it exceeds the set limit.

Precision digital thermostat

The iQ ceramic is fitted with a silent TRIAC thermostat that's accurate to ±0.5 °C, so it doesn't click when it comes on or goes off and also provides precise and effective warmth whenever you need it.

Designed for easy wall mounted installation, the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic electric radiator comes with a UK plug and all of the fixtures required for a secure fitting. It has a slimline body at just 80mm deep and an elegant minimalist look that isn’t broken up by obtrusive display panels, buttons or lights.

iQ Ceramic Heat that's fast.
Heat that lasts.
CeramiQ Heat Lock Technology
Ceramic stone plates inside the radiator warm up quickly and retain heat for longer so you can keep rooms warm using less energy.
WiFi Ready
Each Ecostrad iQ Ceramic has in-built WiFi connectivity and can be controlled by either the Tuya or Smart Life heating apps for easy programming.
Voice Control Compatible
Enjoy hands-free heating control when you pair the iQ Ceramic to Amazon or Google smart speakers. Adjust temperatures with nothing but your voice.
Touchscreen Control
Recessed into the top of the heater, this easy-read control panel has a touchscreen interface so you can swipe between settings.
Motion Sensor Mode
Sensor mode detects motion so that the iQ Ceramic only produces heat when people are in the room. A great way of keeping energy usage low.
10 Year Warranty
Every iQ Ceramic electric radiator is backed by an 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on the heater body for total peace of mind.
The gold standard for efficiency
The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic is the new benchmark for comfort, leading the way for a whole new generation of smart heaters. Combining heat retentive technology alongside innovative WiFi and touchscreen control, it makes saving energy simple with a range of intelligent management options. Ground-breaking in its design, the future of home heating has arrived…
iQ Ceramic display
Easy programming at a touch

If you don’t want to use WiFi, the recessed control panel on the top of the heater will give you all the heat management options you need. It allows you to create a custom heating schedule for every day of the week, giving you the option to set the iQ Ceramic to comfort or eco mode for each hourly interval. The touchscreen panel provides access to a range of extra features, such as open window detection and anti-frost, and it’s so easy to use that you can even swipe through modes to find the setting you need.

Stay in control with WiFi programming

The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic gives you two options for WiFi app control. The Tuya app lets you access virtually all of the same settings available from the heater’s control panel, so the key management options you’ll need are always at your fingertips. Or, you can use the iQ Ceramic alongside the Smart Life app, which is compatible with a wide range of other smart appliances and comes with an easy ‘tap and drag’ programming interface. Whichever you prefer, the apps allow you to easily program your heaters and provide a point of control that travels with you, no matter where you go. Change your settings on the bus, train or even when you’re on holiday – with WiFi programming, you’re never too far away from your heating.

Heats when you’re home, saves energy when you’re not

In sensor mode, the iQ Ceramic uses its motion detector to monitor whether the room is being used. When it senses a presence, it heats at the set comfort temperature, then after a period of no movement, it will switch back to a lower heat setting. The interval of time it waits before lowering its heat level can be set to 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on your preference, and each time the interval elapses, it will reduce the set temperature by 1 °C. After the heat level is reduced twice, the iQ Ceramic will stay at eco temperature for 24 hours, after which it switches to anti-frost. It’s a great way of heating rooms that are sporadically used, like communal spaces or holiday lets where people come and go frequently, and minimises energy usage with zero effort.

Keep warm, save money

Maximise the efficiency of your heating with CeramiQ heat lock technology. The specially engineered ceramic plates inside each radiator heat up quickly and stay warm, even after the heater has stopped drawing power. Heat is locked deep in the core and slowly released out into the room over time so you get more heat using less energy. These ceramic radiators hold warmth so well that they also emit more radiant heat compared to standard models, offering a heating solution that’s effective in hard-to-heat spaces like hallways and high-ceilinged rooms. It's efficient heating that puts money back in your pocket.

Lot 20 Compliant
The iQ Ceramic is fully Lot 20 compliant, offering weekly programming, open window detection and WiFi control.
Easy DIY Installation
Everything you need to install the iQ Ceramic is in the box and it comes with a UK plug, mounting brackets and fixtures.
Slimline Design
At just 80mm deep, this slim electric radiator barely intrudes into the room for low-key heating.