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Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiators

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With over 40,000 units sold in the UK, the Haverland RC Wave is easily one of our bestselling electric radiators. Highly responsive, this efficient radiator promises quick heat up times through its sophisticated dry thermal heating technology. Featuring 24/7 programming, open window detection and precise thermostatic control, it combines user-friendly heating with a stylish curved design. The RC Wave offers simple installation and can be wall mounted or freestanding when purchased with its optional feet.

Please note: this heater is not suitable for bathroom installation.

Options & Sizes

Model: RC3W
Wattage: 450W
Heats up to: 5.5m²
425mm x 522mm x 70mm
Was €281.99
Now €253.79 inc VAT
Model: RC5W
Wattage: 800W
Heats up to: 10m²
630mm x 522mm x 70mm
Was €359.99
Now €323.99 inc VAT
Model: RC7W
Wattage: 1100W
Heats up to: 13m²
835mm x 522mm x 70mm
Was €399.99
Now €359.99 inc VAT
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Model: RC9W
Wattage: 1400W
Heats up to: 16m²
1060mm x 525mm x 75mm
Was €439.99
Now €395.99 inc VAT
Model: RC11W
Wattage: 1700W
Heats up to: 20m²
1245mm x 522mm x 70mm
Was €519.99
Now €467.99 inc VAT
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Customer favourite
DIY Installation
DIY Installation
Easy plug & go fitting
Daily & Weekly
Daily & Weekly
Scheduled programming
Rapid Heating
Rapid Heating
Quickly warms up a room
Slimline Design
Slimline Design
Ultra-slim depth
Lifetime Warranty*
Lifetime Warranty*
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The Haverland Designer RC Wave is our best-selling electric radiator. A stylish contemporary design, advanced digital programming and fast heat-up times put the RC Wave in a league above other electric heating solutions. This exceptional electric radiator can be used throughout your home or business for energy-efficient, comfortable heating.


Fully programmable controls allow you to set a 7-day heating schedule to suit your lifestyle, with different settings for every hour of every day of the week, if needed! This allows you to minimise waste and keep your heating bills as low as possible. Our radiators come with full programming instructions and a lockable built-in control panel that allows for 24/7 programming, so you can schedule your heating on an hourly basis, seven days a week. Integrated computer memory ensures that your settings will not be lost if your radiator is disconnected from the mains for up to 4 hours – a useful safeguard in the event of a power cut.

The RC Wave comes with a silent TRIAC thermostat which is accurate to within ±0.2 ºC of your set temperature, for precision control.

Energy-Saving Features

A new feature recently added to the RC Wave makes it even easier to save energy as you heat your home. Our flagship electric radiator now boasts open window detection, which is designed to slim down your heating bills without any user input. With open window detection, you're well-protected in the event that you leave a door or window open by accident: this function will prevent your radiator from wasting heat by switching to anti-frost mode until it detects a rise in temperature. For added comfort, the RC Wave also features an intuitive adaptive start function that conveniently pre-heats the room ahead of your set time, for the perfect temperature right when you need it.


Installation is simple and fast, a straight-forward DIY task. Simply screw to the wall and plug in at the nearest socket. If you prefer to install freestanding, a set of feet can be purchased separately. For more information, take a look at the complete RC Wave manual.

You can find out more about RC Wave by reading our customer reviews or checking out our own in-depth, hands-on expert review!

RC Wave Versatile heating for everyday living
Plug In & Go Installation
Just screw the RC Wave to the wall and plug it into the nearest socket – quick fitting with no professional callouts.
Heating that Fits Your Lifestyle
The RC Wave is a heating solution that perfectly matches any routine. Its intuitive interface allows you to program your ideal temperature hour by hour, day by day for complete comfort across the week.
Quick Heat, Efficient Technology
Dry thermal elements on the inside of the radiator offer responsive heating like no other, warming quickly to adapt to any temperature adjustments.
Precision Digital Thermostat
Accurate to ±0.2 ºC, the RC Wave provides pinpoint temperature control over your spaces for maximum energy efficiency.
Ultra Slim Contemporary Design
At only 75mm deep, the RC Wave is one of the slimmest heaters on the market, sporting a sleek signature aesthetic that complements all interiors.
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
Our flagship electric radiator comes with an exclusive warranty period to match. Every RC Wave has a lifetime guarantee on the radiator body for extra peace of mind.
Sophisticated home heating solutions
Adaptable, affordable and with a range of options to suit your needs, the RC Wave makes electric heating accessible to every household. It has universal appeal, offering an all-round heating solution without compromising on quality. Whether you need primary or portable warmth, the RC Wave provides efficient and controllable heating every time.
Watch the Video Want to know more? Watch our YouTube video for an in-depth look at our bestselling electric radiator.
Set and forget, zero-hassle heating

The RC Wave allows you to create a schedule for every hour of every day of the week, so that your heating is completely in tune with the rhythm of your home. Assign comfort mode when you know you’ll be home and enjoy warm and cosy rooms set to your ideal temperature – or, assign economy mode to periods when you know you’re going to be absent to slim your monthly bills and keep wasted energy to a minimum. It’s an intuitive, energy-saving way of keeping warm that’ll help cut costs.

Precision temperature management

Unlike other heating systems that can sometimes be out by up to 3 °C, the RC Wave uses a digital thermostat to monitor your room temperature with exceptional precision, so you won’t waste energy by overheating your space. With an accuracy of ±0.2 °C, the RC Wave never lets temperatures drift too far away from your comfort setting and also means it stops drawing power the second it reaches its target.

Super-slim, super-efficient design

While the majority of heating systems take up valuable room, the RC Wave can be installed in the tightest of spaces, with its minute 75mm depth and lean, compact frame. Make use of those awkward or otherwise wasted spaces that won’t accommodate other radiators and be free to choose exactly where you want your heating. With the super-slim RC Wave, nowhere is off limits.

Automatic, eco-conscious heating

Save money on a day-to-day basis with the RC Wave’s intelligent open window sensor. The RC Wave knows to stop heating if it detects a strong draught, waiting until the temperature equalises before continuing – only heating when it knows you’ll feel the benefit. This automatic feature does the hard work for you so sit back, relax and enjoy luxuriantly heated rooms without any effort.

Quality engineering designed to last

The RC Wave will keep you warm year in, year out, without any maintenance or call-outs required – just reliable heating time after time. That’s why the RC Wave comes with a lifetime guarantee on the radiator body – helping you to purchase with confidence, safe in the knowledge your heating is protected from day-to-day use.

Responsive Heating Technology
The RC Wave uses lightweight aluminium heating elements that heat and cool quickly for an agile system that adapts quickly to change.
Updated Control Panel
With a bright LED interface and simple push button control, the RC Wave enables straightforward heat management.
Freestanding or Wall Mounted?
Every RC Wave comes with wall mounting brackets, but if you need a portable solution, we also supply optional feet which quickly and easily attach to the base.