Choosing an Electric Heater for Holiday Homes

Holiday HomeSecondary homes and holiday properties are an entirely different kettle of fish when it comes to heating because they’re used in such vastly different (and often unpredictable) ways. Where one property might be occupied for a few months during peak holiday season, another may be used the year round but for only a few days each week. They could be long or short-term holiday lets or even private holiday homes, so depending on how long they’re occupied for, it’s a good idea to weigh up which heating options are most applicable to your property before purchasing.

Electric Panel Heaters for Quick Warmth

iQ Plus Smart Electric HeaterImagine enduring a gruelling 6-hour car journey only to turn up to a freezing-cold holiday home. A warmer welcome would be preferable and certainly helps to get holidays off on the right foot, so you may want to choose an electric heater that’s quick to heat. Panel heaters offer rapid warmth and are a firm favourite with many holiday lets where guests stay for short periods. They use convection to swiftly warm the surrounding air, and in the case of the Ecostrad iQ Plus smart electric heater, can even be controlled through WiFi when connected to any smart device, allowing you to fully programme your heating. Though they’re quick to heat, it should be noted that they’re not efficient to run and are primarily designed for occasional use. This might be fine if guests are usually out and about during the day, or if your property is only used sporadically, but running costs can quickly climb if they’re used all day, every day. Keep in mind that they can also become expensive to run if guests forget to turn them off so don’t find yourself at the mercy of your guests’ memory. That being said, if convenience is your priority, panel heaters provide unbeatably quick heating that few other systems can match.

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Infrared Panels for Reliable Everyday HeatEcostrad Accent

If your holiday property is occupied regularly and for long periods of time, it’s well worth investing in the same kind of energy-efficient system you’d have in your own home. Infrared panels rank highly on the list of energy-efficient heating systems and they’re becoming ever more popular because of their proven track record for providing comfortable and low-cost heating. The gentle heat provided by infrared panels works best when it’s used throughout the day, as mellow far infrared needs time to be absorbed by its surroundings to create a comfortable ambient temperature. Infrared panels aren’t really designed for rapid, on-demand heating, so if speed is a necessity, look to electric radiators for a quick yet efficient electric heater system.

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Electric Radiators – The Best of Both Worlds

Electric radiators are the happy medium between panel heaters and infrared panels. Quick to heat up and energy efficient, these heaters will be an effective solution for both holiday lets and secondary homes. Warm-up times can be as little as 10 – 15 minutes from cold so there’s no lengthy wait to get cosy, and with their efficient mix of convection and radiated heat, they’re also much more cost-effective to run compared to panel heaters. Electric radiators can be used either for on-demand heating as and when the occasion calls, or they can be programmed in advance if you would rather have your heating come on at set times. It’s this flexibility that makes them an enduringly popular choice for all properties. All our electric radiators come with integrated controls so they can be individually programmed but if you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated, our range won’t disappoint…

Advanced Controls at Home or Away

iQ Ceramic WiFi Controlled Electric RadiatorWiFi controlled electric heaters have revolutionised the way we warm our properties, giving us more control over our energy usage than ever before. How many times have you left the house and then realised too late that you’ve left the heating on full blast? It’s something everyone does at least once in their life but it can be a potentially costly mistake if you’re leaving your property vacant for a long period of time. Not with WiFi controls – all it takes is a few quick taps of your smartphone and your problem’s solved. So long as you’ve got internet access on a mobile device, you can adjust your settings wherever, whenever. WiFi controlled heaters are great for any property but they can be especially useful for holiday homes that see irregular use. If you’re letting out a property for a few days, you can ensure that the heating’s switched off after guests have left to save energy; or if you’re on the way to your holiday home, you can also pre-warm your spaces so they’re comfortably heated by the time you step through the door. This is what makes our Ecostrad iQ Ceramic one of our bestselling electric radiators. With built in WiFi, it can be wirelessly controlled via the internet so you don’t need to be physically present at the property to manage your heating – just use one of the iQ Ceramic's compatible heating app and fine-tune your heating from anywhere in the world.

Effortless Heating That Takes Care of ItselfRC Wave

A bonus to the iQ Ceramic is that it can also be used in motion sensor mode, heating only when it detects people in the vicinity. This feature can be an effective way of managing your heating if you don’t have access to the internet in your property or if you want a programming-free system. Once it detects people nearby, this motion sensor electric radiator will heat in comfort mode to get rooms warm and toasty, then if no presence is detected after your preferred set time, it’ll switch to your chosen economy temperature to save energy. Then, after 24 hours, the iQ Ceramic will switch to anti-frost mode. Unfortunately, motion sensor electric radiators get unstuck when they’re installed in bedrooms because every time you roll over, they’ll sense movement and start heating. In this instance, we’d recommend the SmartWave’s equally attractive counterpart, the Haverland RC Wave, which can be programmed or used manually as required.

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Effective Options for Every Property

Basically, it all comes down to occupancy. If you think your holiday property will see frequent or long periods of use, an energy-efficient system like electric radiators or infrared panels is highly recommended. On the other hand, little used properties may get good use out of the quick heat provided by panel heaters. For holiday homes with internet access, WiFi enabled electric radiators come highly recommended, so for more information, take a look at our electric heater range or get in contact with our Sales team on 0330 300 4444.