Why is Electric Heating Better for Senior Citizens?

According to the NHS, prolonged exposure to the cold can not only make you more susceptible to colds and flu, it can also increase your chances of heart attacks, strokes and pneumonia. Whilst it’s tempting to turn down the thermostat to save money, it’s certainly not worth risking your health during a cold snap, and this goes double for retirees who can be particularly sensitive to sharp drops in temperature.

Before the cold really sets in, it’s worth considering whether your heating system needs an upgrade. Electric heating can be the more convenient choice to keep you or your older family members warm and thousands of homes around the country are already enjoying the benefits. But why is electric heating a better choice for the elderly than conventional heating? Find out here…

Electric offers a set-and-forget heating systemTechnotherm KS DSM

The NHS advises pensioners to heat their homes at 18 °C and higher throughout the day and what better way to do this than with programmable heaters. The timers in our electric heaters and radiators allow you to set up a heating routine so that they keep rooms warm to a predictable pattern throughout the week. This feature is especially helpful for pensioners and people with arthritis, as a well-planned heating schedule means you don’t have to continually make manual adjustments. The heaters will simply turn on and off at desired times according to your program, so once you’re happy with your heating routine, they’ll run themselves without any further input.

Digital thermostats maintain heat levels with absolute precision

There’s one big difference between electric and central heating that most users spot quite quickly: rooms are kept to a far more consistent temperature with electric. Where older central heating thermostats can swing between letting the room get too cold or too hot, the highly accurate thermostats in our electric heaters ensure that the temperature doesn’t fall below the desired comfort level, maintaining the perfect cosy atmosphere at all times. The digital thermostats in electric heaters can be as accurate as ±0.1 °C, which cuts down energy usage to a minimum and ensures your rooms are always the exact temperature required for optimum health and wellbeing.

Remote & voice control offer zero-hassle adjustment

Haverland SmartWaveSome of our electric radiators and heaters can be operated by a remote or smartphone, giving you easy control over your heating while you’re sat in your favourite armchair, reading a newspaper or watching TV. For total convenience, look for WiFi enabled heaters that offer smart speaker compatibility. These intelligent electric heaters let you adjust temperatures using Amazon Alexa or Google Home so all it takes to tweak your heating is a simple voice command. These features are great for anyone with limited mobility because you can quickly make changes to settings without having to physically crane over the heater.

Self-programming radiators, like the Haverland SmartWave, go one step further as they need no programming whatsoever. They use a motion sensor to monitor when people come and go from the room to build up a pattern of use over the week, then use this to predict when rooms need to be heated. It adapts week by week and is a completely hands-off way to heat spaces with no technical knowledge needed.

If one heater fails, your whole home doesn’t get cold

The worst-case scenario for central heating is a boiler break down, and sadly, it’s statistically more likely to happen in winter when you need it most. This is bad enough in any scenario but it’s even worse for our elderly relatives who can be more prone to catching a chill. But where central heating fails, electric heating comes to the fore. Electric radiators are self-contained units so it’s not the end of the world if one fails because the rest of the house will still stay cosy and warm. Even if you’re only buying one as a backup heater, an electric radiator or heater will make an invaluable asset to your home and provides that extra peace of mind knowing that supplementary warmth is always to hand.

They’re safe & maintenance free

Ecostrad iQ CeramicAnother bonus to electric heating is that it’s virtually maintenance free. You can forget about all of the irksome upkeep that comes with central heating, like bleeding the radiators or arranging annual servicing. Our heaters offer a low effort way to keep warm and are as easy to run as any other electrical appliance. You only need to call in a professional if your heater isn’t operating as it should, otherwise you can simply leave them to take care of heating your home.

Efficient heating for pensioners & the elderly

There you have it – electric heating is the reliable companion you need during the winter months and means you never have to fear your boiler packing in at the worst possible time. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for an older relative, browse our range to find a wide variety of energy-efficient radiators, with options to suit every budget. Stay warm this winter and all the year round with our electric radiators.

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