Which electric radiator is right for me? – Personality Quiz

Living RoomOur heating systems can say a lot about our personalities and way of life. You may prefer the orderly structure of a programmable system if you’re a creature of habit, or you might have a devil-may-care, spontaneous lifestyle better suited to an adaptable smart appliance. Electric heating systems will always be able to provide warmth to suit your own personal routine (or lack thereof), but if you’re unfamiliar with the types of heaters on offer, it’s not always easy to narrow down your choice. For those who need a little extra advice, all you need to do is take a quick look at our quiz to guide you to the perfect solution.


1. How important is appearance when it comes to choosing an electric heater?

a. I want a heater that looks clean and modern, something unobtrusive at first glance but stylish nevertheless.
b. Looks are very important but it’s more important for it to have cutting edge functions to match.
c. It doesn’t have to match the latest design trends but I’d still like something easy on the eye.
d. All I care about is how slim it is! My room space is limited so I have to be careful what type of product I choose.


2. What are you looking for in an electric heater?

a. Something that ticks all the boxes. Reliable, adaptable, modern and quick to heat up, but with an affordable price tag.
b. I want something that can pre-empt my needs but that’s adaptable enough to keep up with my hectic lifestyle.
c. Keeping my outgoings as low as possible is the most desirable trait I could ask for, so an economical solution would be ideal.
d. I only need heating every now and then, but when I do need warmth, I’d like it straightaway.


Settee3. What best describes how you use the room space you want to heat?

a. My 9 – 5 job means I get home at a fairly regular time and I’d like my lounge to be nicely pre-heated before I get in.
b. I’d like a main heater for my family living room but we all have such varied schedules, it’s impossible to plan heating in advance. We need something that will respond instantly to provide effective warmth.
c. It would be useful to have a source of warmth I could wheel around to wherever I need it most as I tend to move around between workspaces.
d. This room only gets used occasionally so I just need heating every now and again when I do decide to use the space.


4. How adaptable do you need your heating to be?

a. I need my heater to be programmable to fit my weekly routine but it would be nice if I could have a system that I could adjust from the comfort of my chair.
b. My ideal electric heater would take away all the hassle of programming so I could essentially leave it all up to the appliance. Still, I wouldn’t want a reduced level of control – I want to know I can manage my heating wherever I am.
c. A simple programming function would do, I don’t need anything fancy.
d. For the most part I just want a quick burst of heat every now and then but I still want the option for scheduled heat if I feel like it.


5. What best describes your heating requirements?

a. I’d like something that heats up fast and cools down rapidly because I don’t want to wait around for my heating.
b. It’s got to heat up and cool down quickly because I’m in and out of the house quite frequently.
c. Heat-up times aren’t important so long as I can enjoy an enduring warmth that lasts even after the appliance is turned off.
d. I can’t stick around waiting for my heater to warm up if I’m only going to be in my room for a short space of time! I need to feel the heat the moment it’s switched on.

Haverland RC WaveMostly ‘A’s: It looks like you and our Haverland RC Wave are a match made in heaven, and is it any wonder when it’s our bestselling electric radiator? Its sophisticated design and digital heat management functions make it ideal for almost any area of the home. You can use its programmer to schedule room heating and lower your energy bills by ensuring that they only draw power when they’re needed. They’re quick to heat so you’ll never be waiting long to enjoy their efficient warmth and can be programmed to custom temperatures for every hour of every day.

The RC Wave is also available with a remote control so you can programme your heater from the comfort of your chair without having to crane over the built-in digital panel. An additional boon of the remote control is that is also allows you to refine your heating schedule down to the half hour. The RC Wave can act as a wall mounted electric radiator but can also be fitted with feet to provide a portable solution.

Haverland SmartWaveMostly ‘B’s: Designer electric radiators are becoming increasingly popular due to their improved functionality, and if you’re looking for the very best on the market, our Haverland SmartWave could well be the heater of your dreams. This intelligent heater removes the burden of programming by incorporating advanced self-learning technology to create a bespoke heating schedule. Motion sensors in the SmartWave create this schedule by monitoring your comings and goings but can also assist in reducing wasted energy if you happen to diverge from your usual routine. If you don’t arrive home when the SmartWave expects you to, it will switch off after 30 minutes; but if you come home early, the motion sensors will detect your presence and start heating accordingly.

As slimline electric radiators go, this heater is one of the leanest and is ideal even in small or narrow rooms. The SmartWave can also be augmented with the purchase of an additional SmartBox, which enables its Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to control your heater from your phone or tablet with ease – a must for anyone who’s always on the move.Cointra Apolo

Mostly ‘C’s: Look no further than our Cointra Apolo oil filled radiator for effective, economical heating that you’re sure to enjoy. This nifty heater may be a little simpler in terms of looks but it certainly doesn’t compromise when it comes to your comfort. The thermal fluid elements in the heater housing are designed to retain as much heat as possible so it will continue to radiate warmth even after the appliance has been switched off. The greater heat retention provided by this electric oil filled radiator means that it doesn’t need to work hard to maintain temperatures and is a wonderfully cost-effective way of heating your home. The Apolo also includes programming features so you can enjoy all of the modern conveniences of electric heating but at a lower purchase price. Additional casters are available with this product to allow for a free standing fitting that can be moved around with ease.

Mostly ‘D’s: If you’ve gotten mostly D’s, it sounds like you could benefit from the quick warmth of a panel Haverland Lodelheater. Our Haverland Lodel is an outstanding electric heater designed to cater for occasionally used rooms that need quick heat every once in a while. These electric heaters use convection to provide instant heat at the touch of a button – you can use it as an on-demand top up heater, or even use its in-built programming functions to create a heating schedule in the same way you would with an electric radiator. The Lodel is our best electric heater in terms of its adaptability and ease of use: included with each heater is a pair of feet so you can use the Lodel as a portable unit, and a remote control which allows you to control the heater without having to get up from your chair. Few electric panel heaters offer the level of convenience provided by the Haverland Lodel, so be sure to take a look at our product pages for further information.

Matching an appropriate electric heating system to your lifestyle is essential so we hope that this quick guide has helped to highlight the kinds of considerations that should be made before you purchase. If you need any further information in regard to these products, be sure to take a look at our in-depth FAQs and product pages. Or, if you prefer to discuss your heating requirements with one of our friendly staff, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0330 300 4444.