What Haverland Electric Radiator Have I Got? Pre & Post Lot 20 Differences

Since Electric Radiators Direct was established, we’ve provided thousands of satisfied customers with home heating they can rely on, and one brand that’s proven to be a particular favourite is Haverland. Their heaters have been with us since the start of our odyssey into efficiency but what you might not know is that their products have gone through some changes in recent years. Haverland updated their radiators in 2018 to offer improved efficiency and control across the range, but if you’ve got a mix of old and new heaters, it might be a bit confusing knowing which is which. So, if you’re unsure what model you have or what the differences are, this is the right blog for you.

Haverland Designer TT electric radiator

How to tell the difference between old and new Haverland radiators…

Even if you don’t have your product manual to hand, there’s one quick and easy way to tell whether you’ve got an old or a new model Haverland electric radiator. If you can see a standby button, you have the older model heater that was phased out in 2018; if you can see a snowflake button, you’ve got the newer version that’s Lot 20 compliant. But, why the change?

RC Wave electric radiator old/new comparisonWhere did the standby button go?

As we all know, with home electronics, standby modes constantly use energy, albeit quite a small amount, but this cost can accumulate over time. Standby mode was removed so that newer Haverland heaters are as efficient as possible, but also in a way, this better reflects how the product is used.

People usually use their electric radiators in one of two ways. Either they program them to a weekly schedule to act as their main heat source; or they use them as a portable heater, in which case they just switch them on or off at the mains. So, in a lot of cases, standby mode is often surplus to requirements. As part of the Lot 20 efficiency regulations that came into play in 2018, the standby mode was switched to a dedicated anti-frost mode in order to trim down energy usage and give users the best experience possible when using their heating.

Haverland RC Wave: what’s new?

Haverland RC Wave electric radiator on wallSo, aside from the standby button change, what else is new with Haverland electric radiators? The RC Wave didn’t need many extra changes to meet 2018 efficiency standards. It already had a digital thermostat and weekly programming to bring it most of the way to a passing grade. All it needed was an additional feature to bring it over the line, and that was open window detection.

This new open window detection feature is designed to pause the heater whenever it senses the room has cooled down too quickly, usually due to an open door or window. Instead of turning a blind eye to this energy wastage as it pumps more heat into the room, the sensor stops the radiator from doing this and only reverts back to its previous program when the temperature normalises again. It’s a handy little function that means you can leave your heaters to run without wasting energy, and also means you can get some fresh air without worrying about having to manually stop your heaters.

Haverland Designer TT: what’s new?

Haverland Designer TT electric radiator on wallThe Haverland Designer TT went even further during its recent revamp. To complement its efficient oil-filled body, the newer version of the Designer TT radiator comes with open window detection and an adaptive start feature (called ITCS in the manual) to help you keep rooms warm using less energy. We’ll go into adaptive start in more depth in our look at the Inerzia, but for right now we’re going to focus on the biggest change in the TT: programming.

If you have an old model Designer TT, you may have noticed that the newer models no longer have the P1 – P3 and weekday/weekend indicator lights that were present on the original model. This is because the programming interface has been updated to provide the same level of freedom you would get with the RC Wave’s programming. The previous model of TT had a restrictive interface that would only allow you to set 3 comfort intervals for the working week and then a separate 3 intervals for the weekend. The newer Lot 20 compliant models now offer hour by hour programming every day of the week for a simplified control system and even better efficiency. So, if you’re replacing an older model, you’ll find the new Designer TT has a lot more to offer for the busy household on the go.

Haverland Inerzia: what’s new?

Haverland Inerzia electric radiator on wallLike the Designer TT, the Haverland Inerzia electric radiator has eschewed its old programming system of three heating periods per week for in-depth hour by hour scheduling, and it works all the better for it. Along with its updated control system, it also comes with the open window detection offered by all the Haverland radiators, as well as adaptive start.

If you’re unfamiliar with this feature, adaptive start takes the confusion out of pre-heating your rooms ahead of time by doing it for you. Rather than setting your program to heat an hour early just to be extra sure your room is warm at the right time, adaptive start calculates when to start pre-heating rooms with more precision, so you achieve the same results using the least amount of energy. If it only takes 20 minutes to bring your room up to the right heat level, there’s no point having your heating come on a whole hour ahead of time – just let adaptive start do the work and trim down your running costs. It makes the Inerzia even more cost effective to run and is a great way to get the most out of its slow-cooling ceramic elements.

Updated favourites for efficient, lasting warmth

Whether you have an older model of Haverland radiator or a newer one, you can find links to the relevant manuals on the ‘installation’ tabs of each product page, so you never have to worry about misplacing your programming instructions. Take a look at our full range of modern Haverland electric radiators below if you’re looking to upgrade your heating or call our team on 0330 300 4444 for a free, no obligation quote.

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