Top 5 benefits of electric panel heaters

If you’re looking for responsive heating with a budget-friendly price tag, electric panel heaters are your best bet. Designed for supplementary use, they’re the ultimate solution to topping up the temperature alongside an existing system, or used on an ad-hoc basis when full home heating isn’t required. Built to the highest efficiency standards and chockful of intelligent features, there’s no denying these compact heaters pack a powerful punch. So, let’s dive into the top 5 benefits of electric panel heaters and why they make such a great addition to homes.

Scratching your head over the differences between electric radiators and panel heaters? Before we dive in, let's explore what exactly sets them apart.

1. Portable & space-saving

One of the first things you’ll notice about electric panel heaters are their ultra slimline builds. Whether out in the open or tucked away, they’re able to deliver warmth discreetly without taking up the space a radiator or storage heater would. As electric panel heaters are primed for top-up heating, they can be easily moved from room-to-room, delivering on-demand warmth wherever you need it. They’re so lightweight – some as light as 4.8kg – that picking up the heater to your location of choice is effortless!

Lightweight, compact & discreet, electric panel heaters are the ultimate space-saving solution.

2. Flexible DIY installation

Installation couldn’t be easier when it comes to electric panel heaters. With no disruptive plumbing work or costly callout fees, installing one can be done quickly with only the most basic DIY know-how. Feet and wall brackets are included with every purchase, so all that needs doing is mounting the heater and plugging it into the nearest socket. That way, you’ll be enjoying comfortable warmth in no time at all. Plus, since there’s no moving parts and zero risk of carbon monoxide, there’s very little maintenance needed once installed – a simple wipe down to keep the unit dust-free is all the upkeep necessary!

With no hardwiring needed, electric panel heaters are primed for fuss-free DIY installation. With all fixtures and fittings included, simply mount, plug in and go!

3. Fast heat-up times

Using 100% convection, electric panel heaters are incredibly reactive at switch-on. Using a powerful aluminium X-bar element, cold air passes through the heater and is released quickly, circulating the room in a toasty convection current. Once the air begins to cool, it circles back to the heater and the cycle starts again. It’s a rapid process that you’ll feel within minutes, and it’s the main reason why electric panel heaters are the ultimate top-up solution. If your primary heat source needs a boost, electric panel heaters make sure comfort levels are maintained without having to crank up the thermostat.

Electric panel heaters work solely via convection to quickly bring rooms up to temperature.

4. Intelligent programming

If you value convenience, controlling your panel heater is as easy as it is innovative – enjoy instant access to features designed to fit around your preferences, lifestyle, and the needs of each room. For effortless manual programming, electric panel heaters employ a sleek touchscreen interface, but its their in-built WiFi programming that truly brings heat management to the next level.

WiFi app control

Instant access from your smartphone – any time, any place.

Voice control

Convenient handsfree heating with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Precision digital thermostat

Consistent temperatures accurate to ±0.5°C.

24/7 programming

Bespoke weekly schedules to match your routine.

Countdown timer

A set-and-forget approach to heating.

Child lock

No risk of tampering or alterations when this is activated.

With intelligent features primed to fit around your lifestyle, choose from manual, WiFi app & voice control to bring heat management to the 21st century.

5. Energy-saving features

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to electric, and panel heaters are no exception. To counteract some of the issues that come with a 100% convection-based system, electric panel heaters come with an array of features designed to reduce energy usage and keep running costs down. Plus, using your panel heater instead of your home’s primary system avoids unnecessary waste – particularly when you factor in lesser-used areas like conservatories and spare rooms. Easy and effective, zoning your heating is one of the best ways to save money and works for all your electric heating solutions too!

Lot 20 compliant

Modern electric panel heaters all meet EU requirements to ensure absolute efficiency.

Anti-Frost, Economy & Comfort modes

Three low-energy heating modes, designed to keep running costs down.

Low surface temperature

Operation at approximately half its wattage for touch-safe heating– suitable for NHS properties.

Open window detection

The heater will switch to Anti-Frost mode when a sudden drop in temperature is detected.

Electric panel heaters are designed to keep energy usage and overall costs down, thanks to a range of innovative features. Plus, their modular nature allows you to comfortably heat a room without having to turn on the rest of your home’s heating.

Our bestselling electric panel heaters

Our range of electric panel heaters embody the best the market has to offer: touchscreen & WiFi programming, elegant aesthetics and in-built features primed to save you money and energy:

Moda Opal

The Moda Opal combines designer style with seamless programming. Utilise its weekly scheduling feature, 24-hour timer and three heating modes to reduce your energy usage without compromising comfort. With app and voice control, heat management has never been easier!

Ecostrad iQ Plus

Our slimmest panel heater yet, the Ecostrad iQ Plus is on-demand comfort guaranteed. Offering enhanced safety features and lightning-quick results, the iQ Plus delivers premium warmth whenever you need it. Download the Ecostrad Ecosystem app for an even more streamlined approach to heat management.

Moda Onyx

For minimalist interiors, the Moda Onyx will look right at home. Available in two sleek colourways, the Onyx delivers luxurious warmth on top of a wealth of energy-saving features. Pair with the Smart Life app and your home’s smart speaker for total convenience.

For an in-depth look at our bestselling electric panel heaters, check out our dedicated blog, or head on over to our deep dive for a comprehensive overview of our Moda heaters.

Top up the temperature with electric panel heaters

With simple installation, intelligent programming and fast-acting warmth, electric panel heaters deliver premium warmth that’s kind to your wallet. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts. In the meantime, browse our range and experience innovative supplementary warmth today!

Key learnings

  • Electric panel heaters are the ultimate top-up heater, designed to maintain comfort levels alongside a primary system or used on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Portable, DIY-friendly and virtually maintenance-free, they’re a budget-friendly solution – particularly in those lesser used areas of your home.
  • With sleek manual programming and innovative WiFi app & voice control, heat management is simple and convenient.
  • Electric panel heaters are Lot 20 compliant and contain a wealth of features designed to keep energy usage and costs down.