Smart Electric Radiators: The Alternative to Hive and Nest

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The advancement of smart technology has had a huge impact on the heating industry. There are now a variety of intelligent thermostats such as Hive and Nest, which let you control your heating with your phone – a big step up from the days of mechanical temperature dials. However, if you’re looking for more than just a thermostat upgrade, we have the perfect alternative: smart electric radiators. These appliances also allow for intelligent control, but they have so much more to offer as well. We’re taking a look at how smart electric radiators work as an alternative to Hive and Nest systems, so that you can see what makes them such an ideal heating solution.    

What are smart electric radiators?ecostrad iQ Ceramic

A perfect match for the modern home, smart electric radiators offer Bluetooth, WiFi and even voice-activated programming, providing cutting-edge control over your heating. Intelligent control is often built into these appliances, which means there’s no need to buy any extra accessories to experience their programming capabilities. Like smart thermostats, these appliances also allow you to manage your heating using an app on your smartphone or tablet, taking the hassle out of manually adjusting your temperature settings. They give you access to a range of intelligent and automatic features, which not only makes heating your home easier, but more efficient too. Easy to install, smart electric radiators integrate well with any property, which is one of the many reasons they continue to increase in popularity.

What do smart electric radiators have to offer?

Zoned heating

Smart thermostats like Hive and Nest are often used for centralised control over your heating, so most adjustments are usually made to your entire system, giving you uniformed heating throughout your home. Smart electric radiators can be managed in the same way, but they also let you program your heating on a room-by-room basis. Each appliance is fitted with its own thermostat to help you create heating zones throughout your property, which means you can have a different temperature and schedule set for each individual space. Instead of wasting energy heating areas that aren’t in use, like the guest bedroom, you can focus on only heating the rooms you use on a regular basis, such as the living room or kitchen. Ultimately, this will reduce your energy usage and minimise running costs for a more efficient system.

Access to a range of energy-saving features

Technotherm KS DSMSmart electric radiators are the perfect solution if you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to heat your home. Designed with efficiency in mind, these appliances are packed full of intuitive features to help you save energy, which can include:

  • 24/7 programming: lets you set up a personalised heating schedule that fits around your routine, so you don’t end up heating any space unnecessarily.
  • Adaptive start: pre-heats each room ahead of your set schedule, reaching the perfect temperature right when you need it.
  • Precision digital thermostats: incredibly accurate, even by as much as +0.2 ᵒC for some smart electric radiators, so your heating will always remain within a fraction of your preferred temperature without overheating or underheating your home.
  • Energy usage statistics: lets you see where you can make changes to reduce your energy consumption by giving precise and clear readings on your usage.
  • Geolocation: adjusts your radiators based on your proximity to your home. For example, if you leave a certain radius to pop to the shops, your radiators will automatically switch off and then back on again upon your return.

Different types of intelligent control

One of the more obvious benefits to smart electric radiators is the level of programming they provide, but not every appliance is the same. Some might offer Bluetooth control whereas others will use WiFi instead, but this only gives more scope to finding the perfect system for your property. The table below outlines the different types of control available with many of our radiators, to help you identify which one is more suitable for you. 

Ecostrad Allora Vertical


  • Shortwave wireless app control with phone or tablet.
  • Effortless temperature adjustment and access to more intuitive controls through app. 
  • No direct line of sight needed – can be used from anywhere inside your home.

Products featuring this method of control: Ecostrad Adesso, Ecostrad Allora, Haverland RC Wave+


  • Wireless app control with phone or tablet.
  • Effortless temperature adjustment and access to more intuitive controls through app. 
  • Greater distance control – can be used on-the-go from anywhere in the world. For example, if you arrive at work and have forgotten to switch off your heating at home, you can simply hop onto your app to make adjustments.

Products featuring this method of control: Ecostrad iQ Ceramic, Technotherm KS DSM, Haverland SmartWave.


  • Hands-free heat management.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home – integrates well with existing smart systems.
  • No manual adjustment - you can make quick changes to the temperature with simple voice commands.

Products featuring this method of control: Ecostrad iQ Ceramic, Technotherm KS DSM, Haverland SmartWave.

Motion Detection

  • Set & forget – takes the guesswork out of heating your home.
  • No manual adjustment – the radiator will switch on whenever movement is detected. 
  • Some have the ability to automatically learn and adjust to your routine.

Products featuring this method of control: Ecostrad iQ Ceramic, Haverland SmartWave

Enjoy convenient control with our smart electric radiators

Smart electric radiators have so much to offer in the way of intelligent control, which is why they’re considered to be one of the most intuitive systems on the market. With easy installation, sophisticated heating technology and energy-efficient warmth, it’s easy to see why they make such a great alternative to Hive and Nest systems. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your heating, we have an entire range dedicated to smart electric radiators for you to choose from. Featuring a variety of colour finishes, sizes and styles, there’s something for every property.

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