Oil Filled vs. Oil Free Radiators: Which is Best for Your Home?

Making the right decision about your heating can be a tough process. There’s a plethora of factors that you will need to consider. What colour? What size? What features? This blogpost deals with the dilemma of choosing between oil-filled or oil-free radiators for your home, a tricky conundrum for most to tackle. But fear not, by the end of this post, you’ll know everything you need to know to make the right decision for your household.

Oil-Filled Radiators

Oil-filled electric radiators, also called thermal fluid electric radiators, heat up by using an electrical element immersed in thermodynamic oil. The specially formulated fluid then spreads heat evenly across the radiator, transferring warmth into the metal, which emits heat into the room through radiation. Heat is then circulated around the room by natural convection, as any air that passes against the radiator is warmed up. This eventually heats the entire room as colder air will sink to the bottom of the room, contact the radiator, and also be heated.

Oil-Free Radiators (Dry Thermal Electric Radiators) 

Oil-free radiators, or dry thermal electric radiators, use some of the most advanced heating technology on the market today to heat rooms in a fast, efficient, economical manner. Using dry thermal heating elements such as aluminium or ceramic stone, heat is emitted and transferred through a combination of convection, which involves the transportation of heat around the room; and radiation, which emitted from the heater. Oil-free radiators with aluminium heat up quickly and tend to be more responsive, whereas heaters that are made up of ceramic stone are slower heating up but have excellent thermal properties.

Although both types of heater use a combination of convection and radiation, each of them has unique benefits. Let’s explore these advantages and you’ll soon be able to make the best choice for your household.

The Benefits of Oil-Filled Radiators

Ecostrad AlloraOptimum Heat Retention

The thermodynamic gels and liquids within oil-filled radiators possess excellent heat retention properties and therefore do not have to work hard to maintain your ideal temperature, making them very energy efficient. You can save energy and money as the radiator will automatically turn off once it’s reached your desired temperature and you will still be able to feel its warmth for a period of time afterwards. This makes oil-filled heaters a suitable choice for larger rooms and rooms that are in constant use.

Even Heat Distribution

As oil-filled radiators heat up, the thermal fluid inside them is evenly spread along its entire surface area, which means that the room will be heated uniformly. This, in contrast, is not the case with other forms of heating such as central heating which, if not bled regularly, can develop cold spots.

Highly Sustainable

It is a common misconception that the oil inside oil-filled radiators needs replacing regularly. This is not the case with our heaters. Unlike central heating, which often needs ongoing maintenance, you will never have to replenish the oil as it merely acts as a mechanism for the absorption and re-emission of the heat. 

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The Benefits of Oil-Free Radiators

SmartwaveQuick & Easy to Control

In contrast to oil-filled heaters where you’d have to wait for the liquids inside to heat up, aluminium dry thermal electric radiators heat up rapidly and cool down quickly. This makes these heaters easier to control as they instantly respond to instruction. This, in combination with the innovative functional capabilities of radiators such as the Haverland SmartWave, means that you can have optimum control of your heating and minimise your heating bills as much as possible. Additionally, the fact that oil-free radiators heat up and cool down quickly makes it easier for you to modify the temperature and find the ideal heat for your room. Too hot? Utilise the control panel on radiators such as Haverland’s RC Wave to turn the temperature down and feel the immediate change. Too cold? Simply turn the temperature up a few degrees and feel the heat instantly.

Suitable for High-Ceiling Properties

Oil-free heaters with ceramic stone elements are a particularly great source of heat for properties with high ceilings. Radiators such as the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic push heat out with powerfully high intensity making them ideal for hard to warm places. Due to this, radiators with ceramic stone are perfect for open-plan offices, churches, stairwells and listed buildings.

Lightweight & Slimline

Radiators with aluminium thermal elements, such as Haverland’s RC Wave and SmartWave heaters, tend to be particularly lightweight in contrast with other heaters that contain substances such as oil or water. This makes them easy to move around and a number of our products can be purchased with feet or casters to make them free standing. Additionally, a number of the radiators that are available at Electric Radiators Direct are slimline which, whilst also making them stylish, means that they take up a limited amount of space.

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Common Benefits

Although both oil-filled and oil-free radiators have a number of unique advantages, they share some common features that could benefit your household. These being:

Simple, DIY Installation

All of our electric radiators are easy to install. Absolutely no pipes or plumbing are needed. Simply screw the radiators to the wall and plug them into the nearest socket. It’s a job suitable for anyone and requires the most basic of DIY knowledge. Alternatively, if need be you can have the radiators hardwired into the wall by a professional electrician.

Advanced Features

The radiators that we supply at Electric Radiators Direct come equipped with state-of-the-art, innovative functions that make our products easy to use and adaptable to any lifestyle. With open window detection, adaptive start and weekly programming often coming as standard with many of our electric radiators, you can keep costs low for the most efficient heating system. Some also provide homeowners with advanced features such as WiFi and voice control for that extra level of modern convenience.

All in all, there are a number of advantages to both oil-filled and oil-free radiators. Either of these options can be great additions to any household depending on what you want from your heating. At Electric Radiators Direct we are dedicated to supplying you with exactly what you need, ensuring that all your requirements are met. Take a look at our range of both oil-filled and oil-free heaters, you’re sure to find the product that’s right for you!

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