How to Fix Wall-Mounted Radiators on Stud Walls

How To Fix Wall-Mounted Radiators On Stud WallsTraditional gas radiators have a complicated relationship with stud walls due to their bulky and heavy nature. Our electric radiators have the advantage of being exceptionally light and can be easily wall mounted on all types of walls. Still, it is not recommended to mount your radiator on a stud wall the way you would on a brick or concrete wall, but with our DIY guide you can easily fix your electric heaters in no time!  

Haverland Designer RC Wave+ Electric Radiator - WhiteTo fix your wall mounted heaters, you’ll need vertical timbers (the studs) or battens fixed to the uprights across the front face of the wall. The studs in your walls should be set equal distances apart. In older walls they are usually no more than 405mm (16 inches) apart, whereas maximum spacing in more modern stud walls is about 600mm (24 inches).

Finding the position of the studs behind the plasterboards can be tricky. The easiest approach is to lightly knock on the wall while moving sideways: the studs should sound solid while the spaces between should sound hollow. However, because there is no distinguishable difference in the sound of a knock, this method is not always very effective.

In case it fails, your second option is to draw a horizontal line where the fixing is required and to drill small holes along the line about 25mm (1 inch). Once a solid timber (i.e. a stud) is found, measure along the line in multiples of 16 inches and drill through to confirm the location of the next stud. You may have to repeat this process if further studs cannot be located: just drill another series of small holes until a stud is found.

Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric RadiatorsNow you found the studs, it’s time to install your wall mounted heater. First of all, offer up each bracket in turn on the wall and mark the height of the fixing holes in the brackets. The next step is to make 2 timber horizontal battens – you have to make the battens long enough so that they can be fixed to the studs beyond the positions for the mounting brackets. Once you’ve done that, mark and drill clearance holes, in each batten to coincide with each vertical stud along its length. Align the centre of each batten with the height marks for the bracket fixing holes, mark through the batten. Now you can carefully drill clearance holes through the plasterboard. Secure the battens to the vertical studs using screws. Lathe and plaster wall may crack when the battens are tightened down onto the surface as the lathes are compressed. The final step is to position and secure the brackets to the horizontal battens at the appropriate height.

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