Freestanding vs Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

Considering opting for an electric radiator, but not sure whether to choose a freestanding or wall mounted version? From the flexibility of a freestanding solution to the space-saving properties of a wall mounted choice, it’s safe to say that both options offer their own unique benefits. To help make your decision easier, we’ll be taking a closer look at both heating solutions, explaining what they are and what they could bring to your property. Before we compare the two installation types, let’s first explore why electric radiators are ideal for any home.

Why choose an electric radiator?

Whether you choose a freestanding or wall mounted heater, electric radiators are a prime choice for a number of reasons. First off, they are exceptional at providing comfortable warmth. Using a combination of convection and radiation, these heaters warm the surrounding air as well as people and objects directly. This results in fast-acting, responsive heat that is also long-lasting, so you get the best of both worlds.

Besides comfort, electric radiators are 100% efficient at point of use, meaning every watt of energy drawn from the wall is turned into usable heat, so you always know where your money is going when it comes to energy bills. Better yet, you can pair your electric radiator with a renewable energy source, like solar panels, or opt for a green energy provider, to ensure your heating system is 100% clean. Smart controleasy installation and zero-maintenance are also major advantages of electric radiators, making these heaters a desirable alternative for any property.

Learn more about the benefits of electric radiators here.

Freestanding vs wall mounted – which should I choose?

Freestanding – portability made easy

Compatible with attachable feet, a freestanding electric radiator is a portable heating solution that can be moved from room to room. When purchased with said feet, all you have to do is clip them onto the heater DIY style and then plug the radiator into the nearest suitable plug socket. After that, you’re good to go!

Best suited for: Whilst they are versatile enough to suit a range of uses, freestanding electric radiators are ideal for occasional heating, e.g., in spaces like conservatoriesgarden offices and spare bedrooms.

Haverland SmartWave

The Haverland SmartWave makes an exceptional freestanding heating solution. Not only is it compatible with radiator feet, but it also enables DIY plug in & go installation, so you can start enjoying effective warmth in no time at all.

Top 3 Features

  • 75mm slimline body
  • Compatible with freestanding & wall mounting fitting
  • Available with WiFi control

If you’re looking for a radiator to integrate neatly into a compact space, like your boxroom, the SmartWave ticks all the boxes with its super slimline 75mm curved body. Starting at 5.05kg, this electric radiator is lightweight and versatile, so transporting it around your home is a breeze. Besides its space-saving properties, this light electric radiator starts at 5.05kg, so transporting it around your home is a breeze. You can also opt for a more permanent fitting later down the line, as the SmartWave can be easily wall mounted too. This works just as well as freestanding installation, especially with the heater’s self-programming abilities which tracks your movements and creates a personalised heat schedule around your routine. Either way, you can’t for wrong with this versatile heating solution.

Wall mounted – space-saving heating

A wall mounted electric radiator is a heater that can be fitted onto your wall, providing a permanent, primary heating solution for your home. Many of these heaters come with all the fixings and fittings needed for DIY installation, whilst others may need to be hardwired a professional, particularly if you require multiple heaters wall mounted throughout your property. However, this is a straightforward job for a professional, for fuss-free installation.

Best suited for: Spaces that are frequently in use, such as your living room or bedroom. Wall mounted electric radiators are also perfect for families with small children who’d prefer an out-of-reach heating solution.

Allora iQ

The Allora iQ is a stunning designer electric radiator that serves as a striking feature on your wall space. Boasting a slimline 80mm deep body, this heater integrates effortlessly into your room without eating into your space, making it a discreet yet stylish option.

Top 3 Features

  • 80mm slender body
  • Available in bold anthracite or smooth white
  • Smart WiFi app enabled control

This heater is built with unique Fast-Flo technology which circulates heat internally and supplies an even distribution of warmth throughout the radiator, filling your entire room with comfortable, energy-efficient heat. Ideal for permanent use, this radiator offers sophisticated WiFi app control – all you have to do is download the Ecostrad Ecosystem app and from there you can program the radiator on a 24/7 basis, even when you’re away from home. So, if you have several Allora iQ’s wall mounted in your home, you can create custom heat schedules for each room of the house and tailor warmth to match your routine. Wanting to keep the heater away from children? The Allora iQ also lets you select a Low Surface Temperature setting which limits the radiators temperature to 30 °C, for extra peace of mind.

Flexible heating has never been easier

So, freestanding vs wall mounted – what’s it going to be? Whichever solution you choose, we have a diverse range of heaters that are sure to match a wide range of needs. If you still can’t make up your mind, we’d recommend choosing an electric radiator that offers both installation types, giving you the freedom to use your heater for a variety of purposes. Browse our full range today.