Electric Radiators Are Perfect for Property Developers. Here's Why...

Last updated: June 2023

Finding the right heating solution can be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially if you’re a property developer. When you have an entire renovation on your hands, a deadline and budget to consider, selecting the perfect heating system can seem impossible. Plus, with so many options available it can be hard to know where to start. Well, we’re here to ease some of that burden by showing you why electric radiators are the answer.  

Why electric radiators?

Electric radiators make a great heating solution for many different properties and for multiple reasons. Cost-effective, reliable and high in quality, electric radiators are the clear choice for heating your newest property development project. We’re certain there’s an electric radiator to fit every space, with different styles, colours and sizes available, including vertical electric radiators for more awkward spaces. You can choose from designer electric radiators to the more traditional aesthetics, with WiFi control available too. If all that variety isn’t enough for you, there are plenty more reasons why you should choose electric radiators to overhaul your next project.

Installation is quick and easy

One of the main advantages of electric radiators is how easy they are to install. Hardwiring electric radiators is much easier than fitting a new central heating system from scratch, as they simply need to be connected to the property’s mains. By installing electric radiators, you can keep labour to a minimum, saving on money and time, both of which can be spent on other areas of the property. Once fitted, they’ll be up and running for new tenants to enjoy the cosy warmth that electric radiators provide.

Using the bestselling Ecostrad iQ Ceramic as an example, this video is all about how to install electric radiators.

There’s very little maintenance involved

With electric radiators, there’s virtually no maintenance needed once they’ve been installed. Just a dusting every now and then to keep the radiator body clean and they should work effortlessly for years to come. There is also no risk of carbon monoxide making them the safe option, especially when it comes to installing in flats or commercial properties. With electric radiators there is no need for any annual checks or callouts, and they don’t cost a fortune to repair like gas central heating.

They’re 100% efficient

Electric radiators provide effective heat through a combination of convection and radiation. All of the electricity they draw from the wall turns into usable heat for a 100% efficient heating system, as opposed to gas central heating where heat is often lost through pipes. Electric radiators come with precision thermostats to regulate the temperatures in every area of the property to ensure the right amount of heat is delivered to every room, providing comfortable warmth throughout the property. These digital thermostats are accurate to within a fraction of the set temperature, compared to the thermostats used for gas central heating systems which can be as inaccurate as 3°C.

When it comes to heating, efficiency matters – and unlike gas, electric heating is 100% efficient at point of use. For the hows and whys, check out this quick clip. 

Electric radiators are the green solution

As focus is now shifting towards cutting down our carbon footprint, electric radiators are becoming the new energy-saving heating solution. When paired with a green energy source such as solar panels, electric radiators deliver zero carbon emissions. As the grid continues to generate more power from greener sources, the environmental impact of electric heating will continue to decrease. By installing electric radiators now, you won’t have to upgrade in the future if gas central heating systems are changed or ever phased out. This way you can future proof the property instead of causing an extra job later down the line.

Advanced programming

With features such as open window detection and adaptive start, electric radiators are now more advanced than ever. Many modern electric radiators are available with WiFi programming and even offer voice control. In fact, we have an entire range of WiFi controllable electric radiators that come with sophisticated programming to help create an intuitive heating system.

Accurate and convenient control comes as standard with all of our electric radiators. Built for the modern home, they’re loaded with features that keep energy and time efficiency in mind. 

Ideal for property developers: Haverland SmartWave

Smart heating is the future with electric radiators such as the Haverland SmartWave paving the way. This ultra-slim and stylish electric radiator fits in with both modern and traditional interiors. Like many of our electric radiators, the SmartWave offers a 24/7 programming feature that allows the user to set a heating schedule for every day of the week, which means it can adapt to a variety of different lifestyles, making it suitable for everyone. Plus, WiFi capabilities allow you to control more than one heater at a time, so the entire heating system can be controlled from a compatible smartphone or tablet. WiFi compatible electric radiators can also be controlled individually to prevent energy and heat from being wasted in any unoccupied rooms.

Check out our dedicated review to learn more.

Overhaul your next project with electric radiators

Electric radiators are a great way to upgrade heating systems in older properties, bringing them into the 21st century. They’re much easier to maintain and simple to use, on top of being modern and the best way forward in a climate-conscious society. They really are the best option for property developers, so if you’re scratching your head over the perfect heating solution, look no further than our comprehensive range.

Key learnings

  • Electric radiators are ideal for property developers – a simple installation process and zero maintenance cuts down on labour costs considerably.
  • 100% efficient at point of use, electric radiators streamline energy usage and can even be carbon neutral when paired with renewable sources.
  • With advanced programming, WiFi-controlled radiators can be accessed remotely, for full control over heating even when away from the property.