The Benefits of Electric Heating for Flats

Haverland RC Wave+Electric heating has had a bad reputation in the past for being costly and ineffective, and unfortunately, it’s a misconception which has persisted even to this day. Many is the time a potential tenant will turn their nose up at a flat with a solely electric heat source, but this is often because they’re presented with old, antiquated appliances that are sorely in need of an update. Modern electric heaters couldn’t be more different – they’re streets ahead of gas in terms of efficiency, control, style and safety, which is why they are increasingly popular with property developers. You may not realise it, but electric heating could actually be a bonus when looking for a flat. Here’s why…

Old gas systems and unscrupulous landlords

Landlords have a legal obligation to organise annual gas safety checks and provide their tenants with a copy within 28 days – it’s a rule that many tenants are either not aware of, or don’t ask about for fear of rocking the boat. While the majority of landlords do their utmost to ensure their tenants safety, there are unfortunately unscrupulous characters out there who will do anything to save money, and this often comes at the expense of the tenant’s safety. Missing annual gas checks, failing to regularly service boilers, and even neglecting something as simple as fitting smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, all present a significant hazard to tenants.

Electric heating is safe and convenient

Electing heating bypasses all of these dangers completely as no fumes are produced and all heating elements are fully enclosed. When you rent a flat with electric heaters, you’ll never need to worry about chasing up your landlord to service a faulty old boiler and be without hot water for weeks on end. They require minimal maintenance and, in the event one heater breaks down, the rest of your heating system will remain unaffected as they operate on an individual basis. Once gas central heating breaks and leaves the whole house freezing cold, it’s always electric heaters we reach for! Electric heating can provide total peace of mind for anyone renting and is definitely the hassle-free option.

Free Standing RC WavePortable heating solutions for short-term lets

There are times when you may need to move into flats or rented rooms at short notice and this can mean settling for somewhere that’s less than ideal. It might be cold, draughty or have an inadequate heating system, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Many electric heaters can be fitted free-standing with the purchase of additional feet or casters so you can position them wherever you want. The best part about electric heaters is that they have simple plug-in-and-go functionality and can be used anywhere with a standard 13amp socket – no more arranging time-consuming heating maintenance through agencies! Then when you’re ready to go, all you need to do is pack up your things and take your trusty electric heater with you. Their long service life allows them to be a constant and reliable heat source wherever your travels take you.

Adaptable, flexible heating that’s energy efficient

Haverland RC Wave Electric RadiatorAnother plus point for electric heating is that modern systems have an abundance of customisation options, which are convenient and help to keep your energy usage to a minimum. Most heaters utilise 24/7 programming functions which allow you to set high and low heat levels throughout the day, or even switch the heaters off between set times. If you’re working a typical 9 – 5 job, it’s likely you will only want heating for a short while in the morning and for longer during the evening when you get home from work. Creating a heating schedule ensures your home is nicely pre-heated for when you come in and also prevents the system being left on when you go to work. Whatever heating routine you create, your electric heater will follow it to the letter. Keep better track of your energy usage by only using electricity as and when needed – it can really make you more mindful of your own usage habits. Products like the RC Wave electric radiator allow you to programme a heating schedule for the week and also create a bespoke weekend routine that takes into account your increased free time. Not many other systems can do that!

Precision, energy-efficient heating

Haverland RC Wave ControllerUnlike gas central heating that is often controlled by a single and not particularly accurate thermostat, each electric heater has its own thermostatic sensor to keep it at precise levels. Their highly accurate thermostats mean you’ll never use more energy than you absolutely need to in order to maintain comfort temperatures. A flat fitted solely with electric heating can be a tremendous advantage as it conforms around your individual needs with little to no effort required from the user.

Next time you’re looking at flats, don’t discount ones that use electric as their primary heat source. Instead, take some time investigating what features it has and whether it will fit around your lifestyle. It’s still a good idea to be wary of older systems that look like they need replacing but this is just as true for gas as it is for electric. A modern electric heating system is safe, virtually maintenance free, more efficient than gas and an all-round better tenant prospect than you may have initially thought.

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