Are New Electric Heaters More Efficient?

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Ever wondered if new is always better? Is the grass truly greener on the other side? The case can definitely be made for new electric heaters. In recent years electric heating has become one of the preferred choices when it comes to efficient heating. It has seen a number of upgrades and is one of the many solutions often topping the list as a more eco-friendly heating system. Gone are the bulky appliances of the past, now replaced by more sleek and stylish heaters that come with a range of energy-saving features to help cut down on costs and energy usage. So, just how much more efficient are the new electric heaters on the market? 

What makes new electric heaters efficient?

Electric heating is still a fairly modern solution that is generally considered to be more efficient than traditional heating systems such as gas. Electric heaters convert every watt of power they draw from the wall into usable heat, so nothing is wasted. Plus, you can pair them with a renewable energy source such as solar power or wind power for a truly sustainable solution. But there is more to electric heating. As we continue to move towards a carbon neutral society, electric heating often comes out on top as a more efficient system, but the question is, what exactly makes it more efficient?

The table below outlines some of the features included in new electric heaters that makes them much more efficient than older models:



Precision digital thermostat


Most new electric heaters are fitted with a digital thermostat that monitors the temperature of the room to ensure it is kept at your desired level. Many are accurate to within a fraction of a degree for precision warmth you can rely on. So, as soon as your room reaches the right temperature, the heater switches off instantly to save energy, only switching back on to top up the heat.


24/7 programming


Weekly programming allows you to set up a heating schedule to fit around your lifestyle, so if you only need the heating to switch on in the evening, you can programme it to do just that. This can be amended any time to suit any changes in your routine which means you don’t have to waste energy heating your home when it’s not needed, reducing overall running costs and increasing efficiency.


Open window detection

This function is used to detect any drop in temperature, at which point the heater will switch off until a more stable temperature is established. This helps to prevent heat being lost to any open doors or windows so you’re not wasting energy.


Adaptive start

Adaptive start is an intuitive feature that switches your heater on ahead of your schedule, pre-heating your home so that it is warm and cosy precisely when you need it.


Smart control: a game-changer for efficiency

Compared to older models, many new electric heaters now also come with more advanced programming such as smart control. This is easily one of the main upgrades for electric heating as old electric heaters often only come with basic manual functionality which limits controllability, whereas those with WiFi control put you firmly in charge, giving you more scope to maximise efficiency. WiFi allows you to manage your heating from your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are in the world, so, if you’re at work and worried you may have left the heating on at home, you can pop onto a compatible app and switch it off to avoid wasting energy. With WiFi control you can manage your heaters on an individual basis, setting different temperatures and schedules for every room in your house to avoid heating rooms unnecessarily. You can also access a number of features such as voice control for hands-free programming and energy usage statistics to keep track of how you are using your energy.

Which is your most efficient electric heater?

iQ Ceramic WiFi Controlled Electric RadiatorSo, now that you know what makes electric heating efficient, the next question is to figure out which appliance is best for your home. For superior efficiency from your heating, why not consider the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic? This electric radiator provides warmth through a combination of convection and radiation, which means it heats on a deeper level making it ideal for a primary heating solution. It not only heats the air, but people and surrounding objects directly as well. The iQ Ceramic has also been fitted with ceramic plates to allow for high heat retention, meaning the warmth it produces lasts longer, even after the heater has stopped drawing power from the wall. So, you can experience comfortable and lasting warmth whilst saving on costs and cutting down your energy usage. As a smart, electric radiator, the iQ Ceramic is the perfect choice for heating your entire home, from your living room to your bedroom and as an added bonus, it comes with a number of sophisticated programming functions to deliver superior efficiency. These include:

- 24/7 programming
- In-built WiFi connectivity
- Voice control
- Motion-sensor mode
- Open window detection
- Precision digital thermostat accurate to ±0.5 °C.

When it comes to electric heating, new does in fact mean better which is why you’re in luck! We have a wide range of modern electric heaters for you to choose from, all of which are guaranteed to deliver better efficiency than older models. So, if you’re looking to update your home heating or are considering electric for the first time, look no further – new electric heaters are the way forward!

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