An In-depth Look at Oil-free Radiators

As the name implies, oil-free electric radiators do not contain oil, so you don’t have to rely on the fluid inside to warm up before use. These dry thermal radiators are economical, fast-acting and energy-efficient. Like every radiator, they use a combination of radiation and convection to warm the room, but these radiators are designed differently to oil-filled radiators. To help you find the right oil-free radiator, we’re going to explore how they work and the benefits that come with using them.  

Technical differences

Oil-free electric radiators are fantastic for heating any home or business and choosing the right one for you is all in the technology. There are two main components to any oil-free radiator: aluminium elements and ceramic elements and they both offer slightly different benefits.  

Aluminium elements

RC Wave

Are you searching for a radiator that offers quick and effective heat? Look no further than oil-free radiators with aluminium elements. These elements are highly responsive as they deliver effective heat as soon as you need it, so if you wake up cold one morning you can rely on these electric radiators to warm up quickly or cool down fast if you get too hot. The lightweight aluminium elements also make it easier for you to move the radiator from room to room, which is especially beneficial if you are looking for a portable heating solution. Our flagship product, the Haverland RC Wave contains recyclable and completely covered aluminium elements. This electric radiator acts fast, providing exceptional heat within minutes of turning it on. Stylish, slimline and contemporary, the RC Wave is an attractive product that would fit in well in any home. This versatile radiator can be wall mounted or free-standing, depending on your preference, adding to that effortless appeal of the RC Wave.

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Technotherm KS

Ceramic stone

Oil-free radiators that use ceramic stones are heat retentive making them perfect for warming larger spaces that might be harder to heat, such as rooms with high ceilings. The heating element is set inside stone tablets that are fitted along the entire length of the radiator to ensure the warmth produced is retained. As you can imagine, these internal stone tablets do make for a rather heavy radiator, which is why they are not suitable for portable use and should be attached to the wall. The Technotherm KS is an electric radiator that has these ceramic stones built in, making it ideal for any room that you might struggle to heat. Its ceramic elements take a little longer to reach the right temperature but the heat this radiator generates can be held for long enough to supply warmth even after it has been switched off, providing a truly energy efficient heating solution.

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Ceramic & AluminiumEcostrad Ecowarme

Can’t decide whether you prefer aluminium or ceramic? Well you’re in luck! You can have the best of both worlds with an electric radiator that possesses a combination of ceramic and aluminium heating elements. With these oil-free radiators, you still get that fast-acting heat through the aluminium elements, but you also get the benefits of heat retention with the ceramic plates. The two components work in harmony to deliver comfortable and effective heat as seen in the Ecostrad Ecowärme, which is an oil-free radiator that has been built by industry-leading experts to deliver the finest heat to any room. With its traditional and attractive design, the Ecowärme offers itself up to all interior designs and would suit any home or office environment.

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Extra control with modern technology

The RC Wave, the Technotherm KS and the Ecowärme all come with energy-saving features built in like 24/7 programming, open window detection or adaptive start. These features have been added to make heating your home or business easier than ever. You can now set a heating schedule to accompany your own lifestyle and adaptive start will kick in to make sure that you receive the right temperature of heat at the right time. With open window detection these radiators can detect when the temperature drops, so if you leave a window open by accident, they will know to stop heating the room, delivering a truly sophisticated and smart heating system.

Hassle-free electric radiators

Have you ever considered the extra tasks that come with traditional central heating radiators? Maintenance callouts, radiator bleeding and checking for leaks are just a few examples that come to mind. Well, oil-free electric radiators come with very little fuss. They are free of oil, so you’ll never have to worry about any leaks, plus they’re virtually maintenance-free meaning you don’t have to call out for any inspections. You simply need to dust the radiators whenever necessary to ensure they continue to run at an optimal level. This all adds to the practical and convenient nature of oil-free radiators.  

So, if you’re looking for a responsive, effective heating solution for your home or business, whether it’s for a permanent installation or for portable use, look no further than oil-free electric radiators.