Electric Heating

There are many ways to heat your home using electricity. Unlike with gas central heating, or other integrated systems that run off a central power source, electric heating is modular, giving you total freedom to pick and choose different units for each room in your home. Whether you need a heating solution for busy family rooms, bathrooms or lesser-used areas, electric heating gives you full reign of choice to choose the best and most economical heating system for every room in your house.

At Electric Radiators Direct, our electric heating collection includes energy efficient electric radiators, stylish designer towel rails, fast-heating electric panel heaters and versatile infrared heaters. With a wide range of styles and sizes there’s something to suit every budget, every lifestyle and every property. With cheap and easy installation on all our products, versatile and cost-effective heating has never been easier to find.



Electric Radiators



Electric radiators are one of the most energy-efficient heating solutions on the market today. With 24-hour digital programming, easy DIY installation and a range of the latest heating technologies, our collection of electric radiators offer economical heating for domestic and commercial properties alike. Mess-free, easy-to-use and safe, our electric radiators are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, with something for rooms large or small in a variety of interior design styles.


Ultimate efficiency

Electric heating has come a long way from the bulky and inefficient storage heaters that people commonly associate with electric heating. Traditional storage heaters’ money-saving capacity relies entirely on charging up overnight and exploiting cheaper night-time tariffs – they are not themselves efficient and are difficult to control.

Electric radiators are entirely different. They work around the clock, providing heat whenever you need it – and the combination of 100% efficient electric elements and 24/7 digital programming keeps your energy usage to an absolute minimum. Electric radiators don’t need to run on cheaper night-time tariffs to save you money: their energy efficiency and controllability make them extremely cost-effective. They’re cheaper to run than storage heaters and, unlike conventional central heating systems, they’re quick and easy to install, requiring almost no maintenance. Say goodbye to expensive plumbers’ bills and visits from the gasman – all our electric radiators are suitable for DIY installation.


Stylish designs

Electric radiators aren’t just efficient – they can be stylish too! At Electric Radiators Direct you’ll find a range of products with designs to suit every interior. Our designer radiator range features radiators as you’ve never seen them before – gone are the heavy steel bars and utilitarian heating grills. The heating elements of our radiators are fully enclosed by elegant aluminium cases with sculpted, smooth designs. With the crisp white contours of the iQ Ceramic and the chic oval bars of the Ecostrad Allora, it’s easy to find energy-efficient radiators which are also aesthetically pleasing – guaranteed to add style to your home.



Electric Towel Rails



Once considered a luxury, electric heated towel rails have become a standard fixture in all modern bathrooms, shower rooms, cloakrooms and en-suites. Electric towel radiators keep your bathroom cosy whilst ensuring your towels are always warm and dry: the ideal space-saving solution for bathroom heating. With multiple stylish design options, the perfect electric towel rail for your home design scheme is only a click away.


Independent bathroom heating

An electric towel rail is a great choice when choosing a heating solution for your bathroom. Unlike central heating systems, which need the entire system to run to operate a single radiator, electric heating allows you to operate each heating unit independently. This is of great benefit when heating bathrooms, which often have very different heating requirements to other parts of your home. Our electric towel rails come with a range of thermostats, programmers and controls which help you ensure you only use energy when you need it – keeping your heating bills low.


Market-leading manufacturing

Our wide range of electric towel rails includes something for every household: for bathrooms large or small, classic or contemporary. Within our range you’ll find electric towel rails from world-leading designers and manufacturers, including Haverland and our great value own brand Ecostrad. All our towel rails use energy efficient electric heating technology: from dry metal elements for fast heat generation to thermal fluid filled rails which are ideal for even heat distribution. Every towel rail in our range is splashproof-rated, so you can fit with confidence in any bathroom with the help of a professional electrician.



 Infrared Heaters



Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are a versatile, discreet heating option with a unique selling point: they work using 100% radiant heat. Warming objects and people directly, infrared transfers heat by travelling in a wave. Warming everything in its path, it bypasses the limitations of convection heaters which work by heating the surrounding air. Instead, infrared warmth sinks deep into the walls of your property and reradiates back into the room, without getting lost to any draughts. For this reason, infrared heaters are inarguably the most efficient heating system available.


Long-lasting warmth

Slimline and lightweight, these panel-shaped heaters can be DIY-installed on the wall or ceiling for discreet, unobstructed heat dispersion that suits the most-used areas of your home. Emitting a soothing, low-energy heat, infrared is ideal for all-day use, and with advanced programming, you can adjust your heater with remote or WiFi app control. Set schedules, alternate heating modes and group them together into specific zones to suit your routine to a tee. You can even connect them to an external thermostat to fully integrate them with the rest of your heating system.



Electric Panel Heaters



Panel heaters offer an economical heating system for those rooms you use less often than your primary home living spaces. Panel heaters, which are also known as convection heaters, heat purely by convection: heating air up as it moves around the room to create comfortable ambient temperatures. Convection can be a fast and effective way to heat rooms, however the heat is easily lost through draughts and naturally diffusing air. Electric radiators, in comparison, combine their convection heat elements with a hot contoured heating surface which provides heat through radiation. Radiation is a more dependable form of heat transfer than convection because heat travels from the radiator to the individual directly – in just the same way the sun delivers heat – so very little heat is lost through the motion of air. This means that, as a general rule, electric radiators will work more efficiently than electric panel heaters.


Ideal for top-up heating

However, a panel heater can still be a useful acquisition if you’re looking for a cheaper heating appliance for little used rooms such as home offices, guest rooms and dressing rooms. Electric panel heaters tend to be up to half the price of most electric radiators, and in occasionally used spaces the higher running costs will pose less of a problem than in your busy living spaces. Panel heaters can also be a good choice of supplementary heater if you use storage heaters or underfloor heating. With a wide range of panel heaters available with thermostats and digital timers, you can easily program your panel heater to switch on when your primary heating system isn’t keeping you warm enough.

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The unmatched versatility of electric heating means there’s a product to suit any room, budget or lifestyle preference. Electric Radiators Direct’s extensive range offer energy-efficient, cost-effective products at the best prices. Browse our full range of electric heaters or get in touch with our award-winning UK-based support team for help on all things electric.