Ecostrad Infrared Heating Panel Suspended Mounting Kit

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This mounting kit is perfect for rooms with high ceilings and allows you to suspend Ecostrad Accent and Opus ceiling panels at the height of your choice. It comes supplied with four adjustable cables so whatever the size of your room, you can always find the right fitting to suit your needs.

This suspension kit works with Ecostrad Accent and Opus ceiling panels so you can bring them closer to the floor and direct their heat to where it’s needed. It’s best for high-ceilinged properties because they allow you to adjust the cables so that your heater is at the perfect height for your needs.

The kit is supplied with four suspension cables as well as the fixtures and fittings needed for installation. Should the cables be too long, they can be shortened to the right length with little effort. If you have a standard height room, please see Ecostrad’s direct mounting kit which offers a fitting that is snug to the ceiling. Ecostrad’s 270w Accent and Opus ceiling panels have the perfect dimensions to be used in office ceiling grids – if you are using it for this application then no mounting kit is required.

Please note that this mounting kit is for Ecostrad Accent and Opus ceiling panels only. It is not designed for use with their wall mounted range.