Ecostrad Eco 9 Electric Panel Radiator - 900w (B-Grade)

SKU: 12500936BG

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This product is B-grade stock. It may have slight aesthetic imperfections or damaged packaging but is otherwise unused. All B-grade products are tested, re-boxed where possible and contain all documents and fixtures required for installation. The condition of individual units can vary so please call us direct on 0330 880 7001 for more information. We're so confident in the quality of our B-grade stock that we offer the same warranty periods on them as we would a new product.

Please note: this product is not suitable for bathroom installation.


Ecostrad's well developed panel heater outshines all other convection heaters on the market, offering exceptional value for money with its advanced heating functions and stylish appearance. Unlike most panel heaters, that utilise basic mechanical thermostats and timers, the Ecostrad incorporates sophisticated digital controls and programming features to keep energy usage as low as possible. This Ecostrad can heat areas up to 9m² and is ideal for smaller guest rooms, dressing rooms and studies.

The Ecostrad uses elements in the base of the heater to warm the surrounding air, creating quick convection heat on-demand. Its rapid heat is ideal for secondary areas of your home that may only need occasional warmth: it may be an office space that gets used for short periods of time, or a guest room that may only be used every month. The simple internal mechanics and high-quality aluminium frame allow the Ecostrad to sport a super-slim, lightweight housing that will fit into even the smallest of spaces.

The Eco allows you to create your own comfort and economy heat levels so that your rooms will always be heated to the ideal temperature. For instances where you may only want a background level of heat, an anti-frost mode is also available, which can be selected via the heater’s easy-to-use control panel. Using its simple interface, you can also switch the Ecostrad between manual and automatic heating modes. Don’t worry about your settings being changed by accident – the keypad of the Eco is lockable to prevent tampering and provides a very useful safety measure for those with small children.

The precision digital thermostat and 24/7 programmer incorporated into the Ecostrad Eco allows heating to be tailored around your daily routine on an hour-by-hour basis with minimal effort, and can help to further reduce running costs by limiting energy usage. To make adjusting your heating even easier, every Ecostrad heater comes with its own remote control, so you can manage your heater without having to get out of your seat.   

Mounting brackets and free standing feet come included with every purchase, which means the Eco can be installed almost anywhere in the home – just plug it into the nearest 13A socket and enjoy its quick convection warmth. Each unit comes with a black 1.6m power cable and a UK fitted plug for easy installation.