Did you know Ireland has the lowest tree cover of all European countries?

We’re looking to help change this. As proud merchants in Ireland, we feel a responsibility to leave a lasting positive impact on the environment - not just through our products, but through our actions. Healthy tree cover is vital for every country, and as such, we’ve partnered with Crann. Formed in 1986, Crann are Ireland’s leading voluntary tree organisation, focused on planting and protecting the native trees, hedgerows, and woodlands so central to Irish culture and heritage.

As such, we're pledging to make a donation to Crann every time a product is purchased through electricradiatorsdirect.ie


Trees work to mitigate the effects of climate change

By absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, trees have a key role in carbon sequestration. One large tree can absorb as much as 150kg of carbon dioxide a year, keeping its immediate surroundings cooler and improving air quality.

It increases biodiversity

Healthy woodlands host a range of wildlife - from insects, to plants, to birds. With a suitable home to live, the flora and fauna that make our environment beautiful are given a chance to thrive.

Mental and physical wellbeing

There’s a direct link between better mental health and access to green spaces. Proven to reduce blood pressure, boost memory recall and reduce feelings of anxiety, improving tree cover is beneficial to us all.

Flooding prevention

The canopy cover and root network trees boast helps to reduce the amount of water run-off after a heavy downpour, spreading rainfall over a longer period. Trees and hedges are essential in reducing the disastrous impact of flooding on our everyday lives.

To find out more about Crann and the important work they do, take a look at their website here.


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