Wall Mounted Electric Radiators for Conservatories

ConservatoriesIt’s unlikely that your heating has switched on even once during this glorious spell of summer weather, so though the plants in the garden might not be relishing the heatwave, it’s certainly not been harming our pockets. Right now, we’re having the perfect weather for enjoying our conservatory spaces – they’re a great place for a leisurely breakfast during the cooler part of the day, or for the whole family to come together and relax in the evenings. With the high temperatures we’ve been experiencing, your conservatory will likely have plenty of residual heat well into the night, but it’s a good idea to think ahead about how you plan to make the most of your space when the weather turns cooler. Wall mounted electric radiators are superb for conservatory heating so get a head-start on your comfort before it turns too chilly!

Why are electric radiators good for conservatories?

Plug SocketThe big problem with conservatories is that the heating system must be controlled separately from the rest of your home heating – it’s a legal requirement. If your conservatory heating system is not controlled separately to the rest of the home, your conservatory will be classed as a full extension to your property and therefore subject to the same regulations regarding heat loss. Given how poorly insulated conservatories are compared to your main dwelling, that’s something you absolutely don’t want! Electric radiators come with their controls integrated into each unit, ready to provide fully independent heat management wherever they’re installed, and the best part is, they’re quick and easy to install. If your conservatory already has a 3-pin outlet, you can wall mount your electric radiator yourself and simply plug it into the nearest socket. That’s right, your conservatory heating could be up and running in around 15 minutes depending on how much of a dab hand you are with a drill. However, if you want to keep your plug sockets free for other uses – perhaps for a TV if you want to curl up with a loved one, or a radio if you enjoy winding down to music – then you can always have an electrician hardwire your radiator into the mains.

Which heaters are best for conservatories?

We offer a range of electric radiators tailor-made for use in conservatories so here’s a round up of our best products:

The Haverland RCBL Conservatory Electric Radiator

Haverland RCBL Conservatory Electric RadiatorConservatories, by their very nature, are often lacking in wall space, so what do you do if you can’t accommodate a standard-sized heater? The Haverland RCBL range of wall mounted electric radiators has the answer! With a reduced height of 37.8cm, these compact electric heaters will snugly fit onto conservatory dwarf walls with ease, allowing them to discreetly tuck themselves away without monopolising space. Their low profile doesn’t mean you’re losing out on effective heat either – Haverland RCBL electric radiators come with integrated 24/7 programming for easy control over your heating, so if you use your conservatory regularly throughout the week, you can comfortably pre-heat your room before you come to use it. All Haverland RCBL wall mounted electric radiators use an energy-efficient thermal fluid inside the housing which is designed to retain heat for longer so less electricity is needed to maintain comfort temperatures. On the front of the housing, integrated convection vents help to guide warm air up and out into the room where it’s needed, and with its precision thermostat accurate to ± 0.2 °C, you can be sure you’re only ever using a minimal amount of energy to stay cosy. Haverland RCBL Conservatory Electric Radiators come in two sizes and start from £369.99.

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The Rointe Kyros Conservatory Electric Radiator

Rointe Kyros Conservatory Electric RadiatorThe Rointe Kyros conservatory model is very similar to the RCBL in many ways. Both offer full 24/7 programming, both use a thermal fluid element, and both use convection vents on the front of the heater. There are, however, a lot of subtle differences that set them apart from each other. Firstly, the Kyros conservatory radiator is the taller of the two at 42cm high, so this may be a key factor in your decision making process. Always be sure to measure up your wall before you buy to avoid purchasing a radiator that’s too large! While the Kyros’ thermostat is not quite as accurate as the Haverland (with a tolerance of ±0.25°C) it does offer plenty of other features for extra convenience. Rointe Kyros wall mounted electric radiators come with open window detection, which can be extremely useful in conservatories. In the event it detects a sudden dip in temperature stemming from an open door or window, it will switch to anti-frost mode to save energy. The user-interface of the Kyros has also had a significant revamp in recent months and it’s now more accessible than ever before. Its crystal-clear screen and graphic menu system make it easy to navigate so you can adjust your programming with ease, but if you want a completely hassle-free way to control your conservatory heating, the Rointe Kyros can also be purchased with a remote control. Just point, press and enjoy its effective warmth without having to leave your armchair. Prices for the Kyros Conservatory range start at £400.92.

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Easy DIY installation for convenient conservatory heating

Both RCBL and Kyros wall mounted electric radiators can be installed DIY with minimal experience, so in terms of efficiency, convenience and fitting costs, there really is no better choice for your conservatory. Our range of electric radiators offer full heating control with accurate thermostats and in-depth weekly programming so if you’re looking for effective conservatory heating, Electric Radiators Direct is a great place to start.