Traditional Style Radiators

Traditional RadiatorsWe spend so much time and money on making our houses resemble the vision we have in our heads. Whether it’s modern, vintage or minimalistic, we don’t want to ruin our carefully planned dining room with an appliance that's out of place, even if it’s an everyday necessity. An old heater can often ruin the aesthetics of a room and is rarely considered a pretty addition to our beautifully designed houses, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Radiators have seen a lot of design upgrades in recent years and now they fit in easily with most interiors, even those with a more traditional style.

Electric radiators for traditional homes       

When it comes to modern interior designs, there are a wide variety of contemporary electric radiators on the market. They often blend in nicely with minimalist and modern rooms and many come with smart technology and advanced programming, providing you with heating of the future. But what about electric radiators for more traditional homes? Whether you’re living in an old cottage or Victorian house, chances are your radiators tend to stick out which may lead you to consider upgrading your heating. There is a way to keep your traditional aesthetics whilst having a heating system to go with it and the answer is electric radiators. So, why do they make such a good choice for traditional properties?

Easy Installation

Many of our electric radiators allow for quick DIY installation and can be wall-mounted or freestanding, depending on your preference. Wall-mounted radiators usually come with a bracket that can be simply drilled into the wall before you hang the appliance and then plug it into the nearest socket. As there are no pipes needed, you can pretty much install your electric radiators wherever you please, so if you feel that your radiator doesn’t quite go with your interior design, you can easily hide it away somewhere in your living space where it will discreetly provide you with effective warmth. However, it is important to remember that while trying to ‘hide’ your radiators, you should not experiment with 'covers' such as radiator cabinets. Although this may seem like a quick and cheap solution, it is not always safe to do. If you're not sure whether your method of installation is safe, you can always call us on 0330 300 4444 and a member of our team will be happy to help!

Traditional radiators with modern control

Ecostrad EcowarmeYou’d be forgiven for thinking a traditional looking radiator will come with retro technology that may limit your control but that’s not always the case. Of course, we have many traditional-styled electric radiators that come with easy manual control if you prefer more old school heat management, but we also have a number of products that will suit your classic design scheme whilst also providing smart control.

Ecostrad Ecowärme

The Ecostrad Ecowärme Electric Radiator is an excellent example, as this electric radiator comes with a number of modern features whilst also sporting that classic radiator look. Available in crisp white or discreet anthracite, this electric radiator will blend in perfectly with traditional interiors. It comes with 24/7 programming, so you can set up a heating schedule to fit around your lifestyle – a convenient step up from simple on and off capabilities. You can even experience improved efficiency with the Ecowärme’s open window detection and adaptive start features which help to reduce heat loss and cut down on running costs for more eco-friendly heating in your home.

Technotherm KS DSM

Technotherm KS DSMFor that extra level of control, why not check out the Technotherm KS DSM High Heat Retention electric radiator which allows for app control and voice control through its optional WiFi hub. This means you can programme your heating from your smartphone even when you’re on the go or opt for hands-free voice control when you’re busy at home. The KS DSM can retain heat for longer, emitting warmth even after it has been switched off for as long as 45 minutes, providing you with more efficient heating. It operates completely silently and is finished in a classic white, making it one of our most discreet electric radiators. Much like the Ecowärme, the KS DSM has a more traditional radiator aesthetic to fit in perfectly with your retro interiors.

These two radiators combine the technology of electric radiators with the traditional body style of water-filled radiators. Both feature highly accurate thermostats which maintain your desired comfortable temperature by switching the heater on and off. This way, your heating system is not using electricity at all times while still providing you with warmth. They come in a variety of wattages and sizes so they can cater for rooms of all sizes.

So, there we go. Whatever your interior design is, there is always an electric radiator you can install in every single room in your home. Explore our wide choice of radiators and buy the best electric radiator for your house today! 

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