How Do Wall Panel Heaters Work and Where Can I Use Them?

As we are nearing the end of summer, you might be thinking about the struggle that comes with getting out of bed on a cold morning. With the sun beating down on us, autumn and winter seem to be a far-off concept, but those freezing temperatures are right around the corner. So, be prepared, make your life easier and consider installing the best kind of heating for your home or workplace.

Think Alternatively

Technotherm VPN Series DSM Electric Panel Heater Instead of opting for the more traditional electric radiator, why not consider something different to ensure that you are selecting the right fit for your heating needs? Wall panel heaters are a low-cost alternative to other heating solutions. They would make a great addition to any guest room or office as they are designed to heat smaller spaces that only need occasional heating. So, if you’re searching for a fast and effective heating solution, look no further than our wall panel heaters.


Wall panel heaters are quick and easy to install as most come with a plug and brackets so that you can fit the heater yourself. This means that you won’t have to pay anything extra for an electrician to set up the heater, which is great if you’re in a hurry or if you just want to keep costs down. Their slimline design means you can maximise floor space which makes them perfect for any small room. There is also the option to choose a free-standing, portable panel heater, if you prefer the freedom to move the heater from room to room.

How Do Wall Panel Heaters Work?

Panel heaters work independently from your main central heating and can act as a temporary back-up when it comes to heating your home. They are designed purely to heat the air in any room. They do this by using a convection heating cycle which causes warm air to rise and cool air to sink before reheating again and circulating around the room. Keep in mind that this can be less efficient in the rooms you use the most, such as your living room or bedroom, as warm air can escape through any open doors or windows. To minimise running costs, our panel heaters come with precision thermostats and 24/7 programming to keep your energy usage as low as possible and to ensure that you remain in control.

Where Can You Use a Wall Panel Heater?

Now that you know the how, it’s time to consider the where. Think about the rooms in your home or workplace that don’t need to be heated as often as others, they are the rooms that would benefit the most from wall panel heaters. Maybe you have a guest bedroom for visiting family members throughout the year and you would prefer to avoid the complaints about it being too chilly at night. Do you have a conservatory that you would like to use in the evening and not just when the sun is shining? Perhaps one of the meeting rooms in your office is so cold that you need to bring layers with you to work. In rooms such as these, a panel heater would be an ideal addition with its rapid response heating system keeping you cosy and comfortable in those colder months. 

Choosing the Perfect Panel Heater

Our panel heaters range from basic to more advanced models, though all come with controls that allow you to regulate temperatures with a thermostat and program a daily heating schedule. It is important that you pick the right panel heater for you, which is why we offer a variety of options for you to choose between.

SoElnur PH Plus Electric Panel Heaterphisticated Style

If you’re looking for one of our more advanced wall panel heaters, then the Technotherm VPN Series DSM Electric Panel Heater is the one for you. This model comes with smart heating technology, is compatible with Alexa and gives you WiFi control through an app, for your convenience. The contemporary design would be a great addition to any home, all you have to do is screw it into the wall using the brackets, plug it in and you’re ready to go! 

Back to Basics

Prefer to keep things basic? Then how about the Elnur PH Plus Electric Panel Heater. With this panel heater you get advanced controls with full weekly programming, effective heat and energy-saving features so that you can keep costs down. Its smaller size makes this panel heater ideal for any box room or study. Just be aware that this panel heater needs to be hardwired by a qualified electrician.

You can delve deeper into the world of panel heaters by exploring the variety of products we offer on our website. Make sure you select the perfect wall panel heater for your home or office to keep you and your loved ones happy and warm for the coming winter.

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