Designer Electric Radiators: Introducing the Ecostrad Allora & Ascoli

Ecostrad Allora and Ascoli

Temperatures are now dropping below zero, frost is settling on the ground and Christmas is on the horizon, which can only mean one thing: winter is here. Well, almost. Scarves and hats have found their way back into our lives and radiators are being switched on in homes across the nation. Now imagine that old heating system currently sitting in your home decides to pack in just in time for Christmas. Good tidings go completely out of the window, replaced by complaints that turn into arguments about how cold and uncomfortable everyone is. With freezing temperatures fast approaching, we’d hate for you to get caught off guard, which is why you should consider upgrading your heating system with our brand-new Ecostrad Allora and Ascoli designer electric radiators.

The designer choice

Here at Electric Radiators Direct, we have an entire range dedicated to designer electric radiators. Attractive, advanced and energy-efficient, they make the perfect solution for modernising your home. Designer products are often thought to be too expensive for the average consumer, but that couldn’t be further from the truth with the new Ecostrad Allora and Ascoli. These radiators are a fresh take on contemporary heating and offer variety to suit every home. They’re reasonably priced and great for delivering reliable and effective heat, not just this winter, but for many more to come.

The Ecostrad AlloraEcostrad Allora Anthracite

The Ecostrad Allora is the easiest way to bring your heating into the 21st century, offering advanced technology, including control via Bluetooth. Minimalist in appearance, with curved oval bars this radiator exudes luxury. It’s available in white, anthracite and an array of different sizes, offering versatile heating for a range of spaces. So, whether you’re watching TV in the living room, eating in the dining room or even doing your make-up in the bathroom, you can still experience reliable and effective warmth throughout the house.

Looking to make more of a statement with your heating? The vertical version of the Allora offers a unique and attractive design that is sure to get people talking. Its appearance is both striking and practical acting as a great space-saving option that can be placed in more awkward spaces. You can also purchase the vertical Allora in classic white for a more conventional look or bold anthracite for an eye-catching heating solution.

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The Ecostrad AscoliEcostrad Ascoli

The Ecostrad Ascoli offers something slightly different for the contemporary home. This radiator is more traditional in the sense that it only comes in a horizontal design, but its sleek flat panels offer a touch of modern elegance to any room. Ultra-slim in shape and also available in white and anthracite, the Ascoli can help with maximising space whilst blending in easily with any décor. It is a sophisticated, designer electric radiator that offers comfortable warmth, cutting-edge technology and refined style. With Bluetooth and manual control, the Ascoli is versatile and adaptable to your heating needs, making it the ideal upgrade for any home heating system.

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Advanced programming

One of the best advantages of the Allora and Ascoli is that you can program each radiator individually, so if you’re in the kitchen cooking, you won’t have to suffer the combined heat from the cooker and radiator as you can simply switch the kitchen radiator off without sacrificing the warmth in any of the other rooms. This programming is easily achieved using the Terma BlueLine heating app that allows you to control your heating from your phone. With this feature, you can program multiple radiators via Bluetooth and create your very own central control system for your heating. App control is especially convenient in the winter months when costs can be a concern, as the heating app can track your energy usage statistics and easily calculate costs to help you identify how you can save money on your heating. You can also set a heating schedule to fit around your lifestyle, ensuring that the radiators only come on when they are needed instead of wasting warmth and energy. So, if you have a regular work pattern, you can set the Allora or Ascoli on a schedule to accommodate yours to the letter.

The MOA Blue heating element – which is used in both radiator ranges – is what allows the Allora and Ascoli to be programmed via Bluetooth, but they do come with basic manual control as well. Manual control offers frost protection, a 2-hour drying function and the choice between 1-5 heat levels, allowing for easy and practical control. So, whether you’re going away for Christmas or having the entire family over, you can adjust your heating accordingly.  

Fast-Flo technology

Many designer electric radiators on the market are central heating radiators that have been converted to electric by filling them with thermal oil and fitting an element. Why is this a problem? Well, these radiators are designed to work as part of a larger central heating system with pressurised water flowing through small gaps inside to create warmth. When converted to electric these radiators are no longer connected to that larger heating system, however their design stays the same which means the external pressure these radiators once relied on is no longer present. Lack of pressure leads to an uneven flow of thermal oil and an overall poor performance from the radiator itself. Parts of the radiator will remain cold and you won’t feel the full effect of the warmth being produced making for a somewhat unreliable heat source. So, Ecostrad decided to make an electric radiator you could depend on.

Unlike central heating radiators, the Allora and Ascoli use unique Fast-Flo technology that has been developed to ensure superior heat distribution for more effective warmth. The Allora and Ascoli are pre-filled with thermal oil that flows freely through extra-wide internal channels so that warmth can circulate evenly through the body of the radiator, offering greater heat retention and slower cool-down times. Ecostrad’s Fast-Flo technology helps to create much more reliable and efficient electric radiators to ensure that you experience the best quality for your heating needs.

Most homes could benefit from a new heating solution and what greater way to go than electric? The Ecostrad Allora and Ascoli both offer energy-saving features, sophisticated design and above all, effective warmth for every room. They are both perfect examples of affordable but effective designer electric radiators, so don’t miss out and make sure you modernise your heating the designer way.

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