Ecostrad Thermaglo Infrared Patio Heater

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The Ecostrad Thermaglo provides on demand radiant heat for home patios and commercial outdoor spaces, offering a controllable infrared heating solution with undeniable style. Finished in black with teardrop shaped panes, the Thermaglo is perfect for public-facing environments and even comes with a remote control for effortless temperature management.

Options & Sizes

Model: Thermaglo
Wattage: 2000W
Heats up to: 16m²
900mm x 130mm x 89.5mm
€121.99 inc VAT
Mediumwave Infrared
Mediumwave Infrared
Heats in 10 seconds
Remote Included
Remote Included
Point & click control
Stay Warm, Spend Less
Stay Warm, Spend Less
Energy-saving warmth
Low Glare
Low Glare
Discreet heating solution
Versatile Installation
Versatile Installation
Tailored for your convenience
2 Year Warranty
2 Year Warranty
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Offering a gentler form of outdoor heating with greatly reduced glare, the Ecostrad Thermaglo is a superb alternative over traditional halogen heaters. This sleekly designed patio heater uses a cutting-edge carbon fibre heating element to provide mellow warmth for sheltered outdoor spaces. With a remote control and energy-saving features included as standard, the Thermaglo has everything you need for comfortable outdoor heating.

Comfortable Outdoor Heating

Unlike other electric patio heaters that can produce a harsh glow when in operation, the Thermaglo uses an innovative carbon filament bulb, which produces a softer and more pleasant ruby light. Its gentler heat makes it the ideal choice for sheltered outdoor spaces, such as pub beer gardens and restaurant terraces, which may not require the intensity of a conventional outdoor heater.

This infrared patio heater has a 2000w output which can be adjusted using the remote control provided. The remote allows you to select between 800w, 1200w, 1600w or 2000w outputs so you can save energy on warmer days when full heat isn’t needed. If you’re unsure which setting you’re currently using, the Thermaglo comes with a convenient LED display to show which mode is selected. In addition to its adjustable output, the Thermaglo also has a timer function so you can set your heater to run for a restricted period of time, after which it will automatically switch off. The timer can be set in hour increments, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 9 hours.


The Ecostrad Thermaglo comes with a robust IP55 protection rating so you can install it outside with confidence. Its 16m² heated area will be more than enough for most domestic patios but multiple heaters can also be used to cover larger commercial spaces. Our Ecostrad Thermaglo isn’t just limited to outdoor use – it can even be used in hard-to-heat indoor spaces, such as garages and workshops, that need effective and direct warmth.

Ecostrad Thermaglo patio heaters come with a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and their carbon fibre filament bulbs have an estimated 10,000 hours of use.

The hinged brackets provided with the Ecostrad Thermaglo give you the option of wall or ceiling mounting the heater as you see fit. You can also use it with a compatible stand (not supplied) for a freestanding fitting. Hardwired outdoor heaters must always be installed by a professional electrician, however this is usually a quick and easy process with no lengthy callouts required. Alternatively, for DIY installation, you can plug the Thermaglo into a socket with a suitable IP rating.

Elegant, modern and easy to control, the Ecostrad Thermaglo is a superb outdoor heater for home and business. Ecostrad offer a diverse range of outdoor heaters so take a look at the rest of our selection for further inspiration.

How does infrared heating work?

Most heating products work by using either convection or radiation. Products like panel heaters or fan heaters provide warmth in the form of a cycle of warm air rising and falling, but as you might imagine, this type of heat doesn’t work well in outdoor applications where warm air quickly dissipates to cooler areas.

Radiant heat doesn’t have this issue – it works by travelling through the air in a wave, directly warming people and objects that it comes into contact with. This makes infrared heaters particularly effective for hard-to-heat interiors or open outdoor spaces as they will always project heat to where it’s needed. The type of heat they provide is just like the warmth felt from the sun’s rays and can make your outdoor seating areas a comfortable haven even if the ambient air temperature is less than ideal.