What are the best oil filled radiators 2024?

Looking for a new and efficient way to heat your property? Look no further than our oil filled radiators. Boasting designer aesthetics, smart controllability and heat-retentive properties, these radiators are a premium solution for any home. With so many different options on the market, the question is, which one should you choose? Well, we’ve got you covered with our complete rundown of the best oil filled radiators 2024.

From their superior heating performance to versatile designs, let’s get up close and personal to reveal exactly what makes oil filled radiators tick.

Ecostrad Adesso iQ

WiFi Designer Electric Radiators

Top features:

Optimised for electric heating
Slimline flat bars
Heat-retentive thermal fluid
Intelligent WiFi programming
Suitable for bathrooms
Comfort, Eco & Anti-Frost modes

From €359.99 Inc. VAT

Ecostrad Adesso iQ

For discreet yet stylish heating, the Ecostrad Adesso iQ is our slimmest electric radiator yet. At 30mm deep it blends in effortlessly with any interior design scheme, adding a touch of contemporary flair to a range of spaces.


Featuring a flat bar design, strong steel body and precision control, the Ecostrad Adesso iQ has it all. Not only does it offer two different colour finishes, but also comes in horizontal and vertical options, neatly fitting into any space. Equipped with a sophisticated WiFi element, manage the Adesso iQ remotely through an app on your smartphone for full control any time, any place. So, if you’re on your way home from work, you can switch on the radiator in your living room to ensure it’s warm and toasty for your arrival. The Ecostrad Ecosystem app gives you access to a range of intelligent functions to make heating your home more convenient than ever, including weekly programming and easy temperature adjustment.

Moda Jazz

Oil Filled Portable Radiators

Top features:

Stylish traditional design with 3 vibrant finishes
Flexible control via adjustable thermostat
3 power levels for cost-efficient heating
Built-in handle, cable tidy & attachable castor wheels
Easy-monitoring heating indicator
9 fins for improved heat dispersion

€79.99 Inc. VAT

Moda Jazz

The Moda Jazz is the ideal choice if you need a supplementary heater rather than a permanent room heater. This oil filled radiator is portable, budget-friendly, and perfect for delivering extra warmth when you need it. With its retro-style curves and a selection of three vibrant matte finishes, it effortlessly adds a touch of glamour to any space. Plus, everything you need for portability is included – just attach the wheels, plug it in, and you're all set!


One of our favourite features of the Jazz is its user-friendly programming. The top dial allows you to control the temperature, adjusting the warmth from low to high. You can relax knowing the thermostat will automatically shut off once your desired comfort level is reached, only turning on intermittently to maintain the temperature. The bottom dial offers three power levels, enabling faster heating when you need it most. All in all, this is the best oil filled radiator for fuss-free top up heating, great for your space and your wallet!

Ecostrad Allerton iQ

WiFi Column Electric Radiators

Top features:

Bespoke column design
Efficient Fast-Flo technology
Heat-retentive thermal fluid
Sophisticated WiFi element
24/7 programming
Comfort, Eco & Anti-Frost modes

From €297.49 Inc. VAT

Ecostrad Allerton iQ

Elegant columns, cutting-edge control and comfortable warmth are all synonymous with the Ecostrad Allerton iQ. This designer electric radiator blends striking aesthetics with innovative technology, making it a must-have heating solution for any modern space.


Its unique Fast-Flo technology gives this radiator an edge when it comes to keeping you warm, ensuring superior heat retention and a more even distribution of warmth throughout the body of the radiator. Perfectly adapted to the needs of electric heating, it promises increased efficiency and lasting warmth. Available in horizontal and low designs, the Allerton iQ can be used in a range of spaces, including rooms like conservatories that struggle with wall space. Its triple-column versions are especially beneficial to larger rooms where their greater surface area can provide more heat output. Also fitted with a WiFi heating element, the Allerton iQ can be controlled through the Ecostrad Ecosystem app, for easy heat management at your fingertips.

Moda Nexus

WiFi Oil Filled Portable Radiators

Top features:

Touchscreen display with adjustable brightness
Point & click remote control
Precise temperature adjustment between 5-50ºC
Integrated WiFi app control
24/7 programming with Smart Life
Countdown timer & energy-saving features

From €134.99 Inc. VAT

Moda Nexus

The Moda Nexus is another oil filled radiator primed for efficient top up heating. Featuring a sleek, stylish design and integrated WiFi capabilities, convenience is the name of the game. Its cleverly designed heating fins enhance oil circulation and emit heat with greater intensity, ensuring that even the largest rooms remain comfortable.

Choose between seamless manual control via the large LED display or simple point-and-click control with the handy remote. If you want to take convenience to the next level, download the Smart Life app and unlock full WiFi programming. Tailor a heating schedule that fits your daily routine, or adjust the temperature and set the countdown timer as needed. With energy-saving features built in a standard, it’s a must-have solution for supplementary warmth.

Terma Rolo E

Vertical Designer Electric Radiators

Top features:

4 colours available
5 heat levels & 2-hour timer
Bluetooth app control
Automatic heating program schedule
Anti-freeze protection
Overheat protection

From €0.00 Inc. VAT

Terma Rolo E

[UK ONLY] The Terma Rolo E is a space-saving vertical radiator housed in a luxury build. Its sleek oval bars store a dynamic thermal fluid that boasts extreme efficiency and provides your home with long-lasting warmth.

Fitted with a MOA Blue Heating Element, the Terma Rolo E can be controlled via its digital programmer or while paired to its Bluetooth app. The heating element is equipped with a sensor that accurately gauges room temperature to provide you with ultimate control: adjust weekly schedules, set the timer for up to two hours and tweak temperatures between five heat levels. If you’re away during winter, you can rest easy knowing it has an automatic anti-frost mode, and with splashproof protection it can also be utilised as a superbly stylish bathroom heater.

The benefits of oil filled radiators

If you’re new to oil filled radiators, you might be wondering exactly what they are and how they work. These heaters are defined by their thermodynamic fluid, which flows throughout the body of each appliance and offers superior heat retentive capabilities. They supply lasting warmth with slow cooldown times, even after the radiator has stopped drawing power from the wall, promoting maximum efficiency. The element is fully submerged in this fluid so that when it heats up, it warms the surrounding liquid, quickly heating the body of the radiator.

  • Modern solution - Oil filled radiators combine designer aesthetics with energy-efficient heating technology, to give you statement heating without compromise.


  • Energy efficient - The oil’s heat-retentive properties allow for residual heating long after the radiator’s stopped drawing power, cutting costs and increasing efficiency.


  • Stylish heating - Our range are typified by their stylish, contemporary appearances and advanced controls, offering the very latest in modern technology.


  • Optimised for electric - Crafted from the ground up, they provide quality electric heating that’s both reliable and efficient.

An oil filled radiator for every room

From the living room to the kitchen and even the bedroom, there’s an option to suit every space. So, get premium and efficient heating in your home by choosing one of our bestselling oil filled radiators today!


Our radiator calculator is here to help you find the ideal wattage for your space – just answer a few quick questions about your property and it’ll do the rest. For an even more personalised recommendation, get in touch for a no obligation free quote today.

Key learnings

  • Ecostrad Adesso iQ – an ultra-slimline radiator, fitted with a sophisticated WiFi element for heat management even when you’re on the go.
  • Moda Jazz – budget-friendly with convenient dial control, this is a portable oil filled radiator primed for simple programming and supplementary warmth.
  • Ecostrad Allerton iQ – elegant columns encourage fluid circulation, ensuring superior heat retention.
  • Moda Nexus – stylish & WiFi-ready, this portable radiator is brimming with intelligent features to provide efficient top-up heating in the modern home.
  • Terma Rolo E – (UK only) a vertical radiator that acts as a striking wall feature whilst implementing smart Bluetooth control for added convenience.